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Rio Grande Sprint Triathlon 2014

I did the Rio Grande sprint triathlon over a month ago. I’ve done it twice before. ( 2012 and 2013 )

This time my favorite photographer kindly got out of bed at an unholy hour on a Saturday and took pictures. Thanks dear!
I’m the only dork wearing long sleeves and no spandex. So uncool.

 photo IMG_5336_zps204887eb.jpg

This year I’m in a new age group. The 30-34 one… Yikes I’m old. But let’s compare stats just for fun anyway.
2012: 93/170 overall, run split 8:39, bike split 18.2 mph, swim time 8:19, 6/11 age group, overall time 1:08:55.
2013: 161/319 overall, run split 9:17, bike split 16.8 mph, swim time 9:28, 8/16 age group, overall time 1:17:21.
2014: 149/325 overall, run split 8:40, bike split 15.9 mph, swim time 8:25, 9/25 age group, overall time 1:15:11.

 photo IMG_5349_zps8b423cb7.jpg

Man, I better do more biking! I have actually done more biking this year than last year, but I think the problem was that I have done no real endurance training. In the past, I would mostly rely on long runs for endurance training, but this year I’m battling foot problems yet again and haven’t run more than 3 miles at a time. By time I got on the bike my legs were just tired. What we can conclude is that long runs do nothing for your running speed, since I did none this year and was much faster than last year. Yay speedwork.

 photo IMG_5378_zps3b7d2f28.jpg

Since that race I have not run at all, ridden to work a few times, and went swimming once. We’re calling it lazy May. We did hike 38 miles in May though, so it’s not like I’ve been completely inactive. June shall be different. I promise.


February mileage

Now that March is almost over, in February I:
Swam 12700 m
Biked 93.75 mi (on the trainer, so ish)
Ran 13.5 mi
Strength training: 3 sessions
Skiing: 4 times (2 downhill, 2 cross country)
Hiked 3 mi

So that’s resounding success on the swimming and biking fronts, and plantar fasciitis on the running front. Again. I thought I fixed it last spring when I changed my running stride. I don’t know if I got lazy about the new stride or what, but my left heel became unbearable after the second week of February, so I stopped entirely for three weeks. For the past three weeks I’ve been rather gingerly running once a week to test out if I’m ready to start again. I think if I give it one more week off, keep wearing my compression sock and massage it every day I’ll be ready to go again. We shall see.

I’m on track to hit my March biking, swimming, and strength goals, which is great. I should be exceeding them, since I’m obviously not hitting the running goals, but I’m not THAT motivated. I should probably just be happy with my small successes.

January distances and a broken binding

You will be pleased to hear that in January I:
Swam 3000 m
Biked 13 mi
Ran 25.5 mi
Strength training 4 sessions
Skiing 0

So, that’s a failure on the swimming, biking, and skiing front, but pretty decent success on the running and strength training. We’ll take what we can get.

So far the first week of February has not gone overly well, but I think I may do pretty well on the biking this month because the Olympics are on AND for the first time in 4 Olympic games (that’s since the 2006 games, people) we have both a TV and an antenna that can actually pick up NBC. So that’s 3 hours each evening for the next couple of weeks that I could spend on the trainer in front of the TV. Granted, last night I spent it on my butt with my laptop… But still. It might happen.

We did also go skiing at last Saturday at Taos. They’d gotten four or five inches of snow at the top which was on top of some nasty icy stuff from December. We had fun despite the ice at the bottom of every run. My cousin even took us hiking up the ridge to the runs that go down from there, which I have always been too afraid to do because they’re all double blacks, and Ken has always been too out of shape to do. I loved it. Ken hated it. (“Why would I pay $80 for a lift ticket, then hike?”) Unfortunately, the last run of the day was all on blue groomers which were completely devoid of anything resembling snow more than ice. Ken lost it and broke a clip on his binding. I think having only the one edge on a snowboard makes ice harder to navigate, because I saw several snowboarders do the same thing (fall down, not break bindings).

His bindings are the old step-in style that nobody makes anymore, and he doesn’t really want to get new equipment (although while watching slopestyle last night he WAS perusing the Burton website). So… He ordered some epoxy and he’s going to carbon-fiber it back into place. Fun stuff.

2013 in fitness

In 2013 I ran 352 miles, rode 788 miles, and swam 38 miles. In comparison, in 2012 I ran 222 miles, rode 1125 miles, and swam 42 miles.

That half marathon really piled on the running miles. This is definitely my highest mileage ever for a year. I’ll wait for all you actual runners out there to stop laughing…

Are we done yet? Ok. I trained less for the triathlons I did in early summer compared with 2012 (and my times showed it…), but I kept working out throughout the late summer and fall more successfully than in past years.

I went skiing (including both cross country and downhill) 8 times in 2013, did 36 strength workouts, and hiked approximately 85 miles.

Goals for 2014:
Take the dogs for a walk every day. My poor dogs. I am a bad dog owner.

Keep up the running, it’s the easiest thing to get out and do, although the hardest for me to enjoy. Topping 350 again would be great.

Ride more. Those 337 miles I didn’t ride this year are definitely on my car, costing me money and wear and tear (225,000 miles on the Civic as of mid-December). There are approximately 30 weeks in which I am realistically likely to ride (mid March – Mid October), if I aim to ride to work 3X a week during that period I should exceed 1000 miles.

Do one strength workout a week. I wasn’t even close last year! Most of those were the crossfit classes last January – March. More consistency is required.

Finally figure out this long-distance nutrition deal. I realized that every single event I’ve done which has taken me more than 2 hours (2 olympic triathlons, one Xterra Olympic triathlon, and the half marathon) has ended with me bonking at the end. I bet if I went back and analyzed the time after starting at which I bonked, they’d all be about the same. Clearly I have not figured out how to eat properly. This year is the year where I change that.

Beat my reverse sprint tri time from 2012. I really enjoy this event, and I think I’m in a position (position = a couple of pounds lighter) to be able to beat my initial time if I put in the miles between now and May.

Other races:
Olympic tri – I haven’t looked at the dates for the local races this year yet, but maybe I’ll attempt one I haven’t tried yet. I’m not a big fan of hard training through June (because it gets hot. So HOT.), so a race in early June would be great.

Fall half marathon – I need to get below the 10 min/mile mark before I can give the half marathon a rest. Otherwise it’s just embarrassing.

This leaves a race gap in late summer – maybe a 10K? Haven’t run one of those in several years, and I found running relatively easy to accomplish in the morning before work this past summer.

What about you, any plans?

Thoughts recently

I’m going to interrupt this lovely reflection on the beauties of Washington with some breaking news that I’m excited about. In increasing order of excitement, interspersed with not necessarily relevant photos:

 photo IMG_4136_zps00e6a2f5.jpg

1. Homegrown tomatoes are SO much more flavorful than store bought. Mine are finally ripening and I’ve been enjoying them like never before. I’m enjoying them so much that I’m eating enough to stay ahead of four bushes of tomatoes!

 photo IMG_4134_zps1cb851d1.jpg

2. Last Sunday morning I took a shower and it felt good. Like the warmth was welcome. Amazing. Incidentally, that’s also the day these cats were snuggling together. Apparently highs in the low 80s are chilly…

3. We have baseboards sitting in the garage all finished and ready to be put into the house everywhere that we refinished the floor. I touched up the paint where we ripped out the old baseboards and other places we’ve beat it up in the past couple of years, so all we need now is time to install them. Maybe tomorrow morning we’ll get started. They’ve been ready to install since Tuesday but,

4. I got Ken a gas powered chainsaw for his birthday and he’s been cutting wood every night since. It’s kind of amazing how much wood we’ve got to deal with on our 0.8 acre of desert. We are going to be well stocked for the winter.

 photo IMG_4137_zps27b02039.jpg

5. I ran the Chips and Salsa half marathon about two weeks ago and finished. It wasn’t fast (10:20 average miles), but I managed to train for and run it without injury! I did run out of energy at mile 9, I was averaging sub 10s before that. I think doing my 12 mile run at sea level messed up my determination of how much fuel my body needed per hour. For future reference, I think gels at mile 4 and 8 might be about good. Not that I’m convinced I need to run another one. It was kind of tedious. It would be nice to get a decent time though… I feel convinced I could do sub 10s for the whole thing. And from there it’s not SO far to a sub 2 hour race… That’s why you should never do a race, you will be trapped into trying to outdo yourself forever.

 photo IMG_4143_zps956812fa.jpg

6. Now, the MOST exciting thing of all. We’re going to Maui with my whole family! I bought tickets last night! So exciting! We’ve talked about this for years, and it’s finally happening. My only regret is that I was kind of looking forward to the Cable Bridge Run and we won’t be doing it. Oh well, we can have our own beach race!

Animals at the zoo

After the wedding we started the real vacation. And I started it with a 12 mile run. A 12 mile run which I had been dreading. But I got to six miles and was running a minute faster than my usual pace and like I had just started. It was a miracle! I thought I had super powers! Best (also only) 12 miles of my life! I kept up that fast pace, and I felt great at the end. Considering it later, after the endorphins had drained away, I decided that I did not actually develop super powers. The 6000 foot elevation decrease was probably the cause. If only I could transport some of that oxygen home with me.

After the run we went to the zoo with Ken’s family.
 photo IMG_0974_zpsefcc80b5.jpg

 photo IMG_0967_zps77493d9f.jpg

 photo IMG_0969_zps124d9210.jpg

 photo IMG_0962_zps4617419f.jpg

Baby sun bears playing together.
 photo IMG_0978_zps66782d96.jpg

 photo IMG_1009_zpsd7cc5134.jpg

And it’s September already

Whew, I’ve managed to sneak in a post before a month has elapsed. Amongst a ridiculous amount of stuff to do at work, working on the truck, possessing a very naughty dog, going on vacation, both of us traveling for work, fixing every single pair of Ken’s pants, doing a bunch of stuff for church, consuming too much zucchini, and trying to train for a half marathon there has not been a lot of blogging time.

Maybe now that vacation is over and there is at least the potential that my work might slow down in a week I’ll manage to post some more. No promises.

I made some pesto right before we went on vacation in a desperate effort to save the basil from certain death by drought while we were gone.

 photo IMG_0708_zpsec603ca0.jpg

It seemed like there was more basil after I picked it.
 photo IMG_0710_zps8245b6d2.jpg

I used walnuts from Washington to make the pesto when there are pinion pine trees on my property. Go figure.
 photo IMG_0707_zpsa975452d.jpg

If I were a good, organized blogger (spelled that blooger the first time, thought you should know) I’d have pictures of the final product. But since it was nearly my bedtime two nights before we were leaving on vacation and the dog had escaped from a six sided cube of chain link, pictures weren’t a priority. But if you come visit me I can open the freezer and show you the several containers of delicious pesto that I made.

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