2013 in fitness

In 2013 I ran 352 miles, rode 788 miles, and swam 38 miles. In comparison, in 2012 I ran 222 miles, rode 1125 miles, and swam 42 miles.

That half marathon really piled on the running miles. This is definitely my highest mileage ever for a year. I’ll wait for all you actual runners out there to stop laughing…

Are we done yet? Ok. I trained less for the triathlons I did in early summer compared with 2012 (and my times showed it…), but I kept working out throughout the late summer and fall more successfully than in past years.

I went skiing (including both cross country and downhill) 8 times in 2013, did 36 strength workouts, and hiked approximately 85 miles.

Goals for 2014:
Take the dogs for a walk every day. My poor dogs. I am a bad dog owner.

Keep up the running, it’s the easiest thing to get out and do, although the hardest for me to enjoy. Topping 350 again would be great.

Ride more. Those 337 miles I didn’t ride this year are definitely on my car, costing me money and wear and tear (225,000 miles on the Civic as of mid-December). There are approximately 30 weeks in which I am realistically likely to ride (mid March – Mid October), if I aim to ride to work 3X a week during that period I should exceed 1000 miles.

Do one strength workout a week. I wasn’t even close last year! Most of those were the crossfit classes last January – March. More consistency is required.

Finally figure out this long-distance nutrition deal. I realized that every single event I’ve done which has taken me more than 2 hours (2 olympic triathlons, one Xterra Olympic triathlon, and the half marathon) has ended with me bonking at the end. I bet if I went back and analyzed the time after starting at which I bonked, they’d all be about the same. Clearly I have not figured out how to eat properly. This year is the year where I change that.

Beat my reverse sprint tri time from 2012. I really enjoy this event, and I think I’m in a position (position = a couple of pounds lighter) to be able to beat my initial time if I put in the miles between now and May.

Other races:
Olympic tri – I haven’t looked at the dates for the local races this year yet, but maybe I’ll attempt one I haven’t tried yet. I’m not a big fan of hard training through June (because it gets hot. So HOT.), so a race in early June would be great.

Fall half marathon – I need to get below the 10 min/mile mark before I can give the half marathon a rest. Otherwise it’s just embarrassing.

This leaves a race gap in late summer – maybe a 10K? Haven’t run one of those in several years, and I found running relatively easy to accomplish in the morning before work this past summer.

What about you, any plans?

2 Responses to “2013 in fitness”

  1. 1 bmoozick January 6, 2014 at 11:52 pm

    Coming from a non-runner, those numbers are impressive! Maybe I should make some goals along the lines of competing, I just have a hard time spending $50ish to torture myself!

  2. 2 coldwork January 7, 2014 at 8:13 pm

    Do it!

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