David Ellis

We had a baby!  No, I haven’t been pregnant for the entire seven and a half months since the last post, although he did hang around inside for about an extra week.

We had a boy, we named him David, he is perfect (aside from the total depravity, of course), and we adore him.

He spent less than 24 hours in the NICU for some trouble getting enough oxygen.  I got my first ambulance ride with him to the hospital!  Thrilling!  Hopefully that is the most exhausted I will ever be in my life, after laboring all night, pushing out a baby, then having to go to the NICU and leaving the baby overnight.

It was love at first sight for Anna.


Wait, that’s not the baby!  But have you ever seen a cuter 2.5 year old?


He is a totally happy, chill dude (unless he’s hungry), and he popped out his first tooth a couple of weeks ago.


We’re having another kid! Like, tomorrow.

I’ve been doing some sewing lately.  Don’t show this picture to Anna, these are Christmas presents, but notice how there’s a 2 year old size and a baby size?  That’s because there’s a baby due either tomorrow or the next day!


I didn’t really intend for it to be an internet secret, but that’s how it happened because it turns out being pregnant with a toddler and a job is busy and somewhat exhausting!

I managed to find time to make him/her (another surprise baby – it’s in-utero name is Rupert) a stocking.   It’s just awaiting the arrival so I know what name to embroider on the top.  It will not be Rupert.  Also, check out that 39 week and 5 days belly encroaching on the picture!


I was also going to buy a ring sling, because the rumor is you can nurse in them, which would be amazing if it turns out to be true, but then I figured out that it’s way cheaper and actually super easy to sew one, so I did.  I think I spent $18, although I did get the fabric on a pretty amazing sale.  Ken and Anna are big fans of it, I’m a bit afraid Anna’s going to be more than a little upset that the new baby gets to use it and not her.

20171202_170139This pregnancy has been harder than the first, in some ways.  I was a lot more “morning” (all the time) sick for a lot longer than I was the first time.  I was nauseous before I knew I was pregnant and it stuck around until like 20 weeks.  It was really incapacitating.  This baby is also much more violent than Anna (everyone says that means boy), so my innards have been beat up considerably more.  On the other hand, towards the end of the pregnancy with Anna, they thought her heart was sounding funny, so we had to do an ultrasound to check her out, and my blood pressure was high once, so they were worried about that, and we haven’t had any of those problems so far.

I’ve been frantically finishing up things at work,  we’ve been doing some serious cleaning/rearranging at home, and I’ve been trying to do a few fun things with Anna all by herself before we have an infant encroaching.   I love how much she’s concentrating to get that cookie cut out.


Whew.  Actually got this post written before the baby arrived.  Stay tuned for baby announcement hopefully in the next few days!

Happy Birthday Anna!

So I was planning on writing that now I’m officially a year behind on blogging, because the last thing I wrote about was Anna’s first birthday, exactly a year ago.  But turns out that I never actually posted that post, so I’m over a year behind.

Anyway, here’s her a year ago, on her 1st birthday, screaming down the slide headfirst.  Because when you’ve been walking for two whole months, why not go down slides head first?

And here’s her yesterday at her birthday party with her favorite present, a shovel from Daddy, and this morning surrounded by way too many presents.

And in between was a year.  A year of mystery, because I never posted anything. Maybe I’ll catch up someday, but maybe not, it’s a lot more fun to play with the new 2 year old than write blog posts.  I’ve always liked toddlers a lot better than babies, and it turns out that the same is true for my own kid.

Trip to the South

We took an epic trip to New Orleans and Pensacola last November.  Ken was not overly impressed by the French quarter.  It was certainly unique.  I’m not sure that I ever need to go back there (the French quarter or New Orleans), but I’m glad we went.

2016 (726)

Mom and Dad and Lauren and Justin came too.  We ate SO much good food.  That was definitely the highlight.

2016 (729)

The Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola was incredible.  SO many cool planes.  We also got to see the Blue Angels practice, which was awesome.

2016 (740)

Anna was a big fan of the gulf.  She wasn’t a big fan of the sand, which she fell down in several times and got a face full.  Ooops.

2016 (742)

Our whole party except me and Anna chartered a fishing boat and got to spend a day fishing.  I think they had a good time, although they were disappointed they didn’t get to take any fish home.  We made up for it by buying lots of fresh seafood and devouring it.

2016 (743)

Daddy had fun in the gulf too!

2016 (748)

Not pictured: touring a battleship, walking around beautiful parks and neighborhoods in New Orleans, going to a fort, fishing off of a pier, seeing how huge the Mississippi is, having a childhood friend captain us on a pontoon boat for several hours, an art fair, playing games, watching my brother-in-law graduate from his Air Force training, and many, many amazing meals.  It was a great trip!

September 2016

My sister has been writing blog posts after a long hiatus (https://randbvance.wordpress.com/, in case you want to read about her super interesting life in Egypt), and she is inspiring me.  So here’s another attempt at getting caught up on the last year.

My father-in-law sent us a box of avocados from his tree last summer.  Anna was a big fan, and we’re still eating the mashed up avocados from the freezer.  Delicious!  Also, she was tiny and precious and adorable.  Now she’s big and precious and adorable.  Also, blond.  Probably I’ll post pictures of her from now by next June, so stay tuned…

2016 (637)

Then…  We went back to WA for another wedding.  This time, Sara and Michael! Look at how adorable they are.

2016 (661)

Their wedding was in Spokane, so we got to drive for about an hour and meet up with my childhood best friend.  She and I look cheesy, but Anna is looking good, as usual.  Hopefully she remains so photogenic as she gets older.

2016 (659)

Looking good at the rehearsal dinner.

2016 (660)

Seesters!  Do we look alike?  We’re missing one, she was stuck dutifully teaching her students in Egypt.

2016 (665)

Sara got married on Lauren’s birthday, so we had a birthday breakfast for her.

2016 (667)

Look!  That is Ben, Bekah’s husband.  I told you he exists!  Also, he’s good with babies… Anna’s been a fan every time she’s met him.

2016 (677)

It was an evening wedding, the reception was outside, and my photography skills are not adequate for taking pictures under such circumstances, so this is my only picture of us in wedding finery.   And with that, all 5 of us are married.  Whew!

2016 (682)

And since we started this post with a picture of Anna eating produce last summer, here’s one to close it out.  I harvested those red tomatoes, she harvested the green ones, then proceeded to eat the red ones.  Oh well, at least she likes vegetables!

2016 (699)


It’s been almost a year

What can I say? This happened the day after this kid started crawling, which was shortly after my last post was published. Turns out having a mobile kid sort of eats up your leisure time.

 photo 2016 489_zpsju0h4ixf.jpg

We’ve done a lot of traveling and had a lot of visits from family.
First, Mom came back from Oklahoma with us to watch Anna for a couple of weeks and test our soil. It was all very alkaline, if you were wondering.
 photo IMG_9071_zpskkr5kavw.jpg

Anna went on her first camping trip to the Sangre de Christos.
 photo 2016 496_zpskk14lhte.jpg

Ken’s sister and brother-in-law came to visit us and the Grand Canyon, and we gave them a horrible stomach bug. Sorry guys!
 photo 2016 460_zpsuny5j5ah.jpg

We went to WA for my sister Bekah’s wedding to Ben – I have a picture of Bekah, but none of Ben. He was there at his wedding, believe it or not.
 photo 2016 545_zpsxxwiflmk.jpg

The Egyptian sister also made an appearance.
 photo 2016 542_zpszd9s64sx.jpg

 photo 2016 552_zpsk7oubo9r.jpg

After the wedding my parents and sister drove up to Banff with us for a fantastic vacation.
 photo 2016 569_zpssaxujww6.jpg

 photo 2016 582_zpsewjonpqx.jpg

Ken and I left them and took a few days to take Anna to visit Ken’s grandpa Larry and his aunt, uncle, and cousins in Edmonton.
 photo 2016 594_zpst386brsh.jpg

Then it was out to Jasper for some more incredible views.

 photo 2016 617_zpsjwuw3afp.jpg

We had a quick visit with Ken’s parents and brother back in WA, then home.
 photo 2016 630_zpsyzb6z4y1.jpg

 photo 2016 631_zpscbvrcwxb.jpg

We took a quick weekend trip to Mesa Verde.
 photo 2016 645_zpsil0ngiki.jpg

 photo 2016 652_zpsceeedgil.jpg

And that brings us to the end of the summer, which is probably enough for one post. The other thing that we did at the end of the summer was stopped using cloth diapers sometime around 9 months old. The aged poop from daycare was getting to be too much to clean off. I was pleased with our cloth diaper experiment though. I think we saved money. And that is how exciting life gets with a small child. Diapers rank on the same level of excitement as trips to some of the most beautiful places on earth.


We drove to Oklahoma for Memorial Day weekend. 10.5 hours there. 10.5 hours back with an angelic 6 month old. She was really good in the car, only cried inconsolably twice, both times when she had a poopy diaper and we were still 20 minutes from anywhere we could stop.

The reason for the trip was to see my grandparents. They were totally charmed by their first great-grandchild!
 photo IMG_8996_zpsdsas2kyh.jpg

My parents, two of my aunts, one of my uncles and three of my cousins also showed up, so it was great to see everyone! Four generations!
 photo IMG_8986_zpsz1zcycf2.jpg

Dad and his sister.
 photo IMG_8966_zpsowxynxib.jpg

Dad and two of his sisters.
 photo IMG_8970_zps3isynasv.jpg

 photo IMG_9006_zpsu5yw5llf.jpg

Anna was definitely the star of the show!
 photo IMG_9007_zpsmadwrgli.jpg

 photo IMG_9012_zpsesjm5wk4.jpg

 photo IMG_9013_zpsyhbf7nto.jpg

Her first experience with a stream. They’re not very common in NM!
 photo IMG_9028_zpscohi6r4a.jpg

 photo IMG_9036_zpswgmozhyh.jpg

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