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Root vegetables

Way to leave this blog hanging on a downer post, lady.

I didn’t get furloughed, I am still working tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get furloughed in 3 months when all of this repeats itself. Can’t wait…

In more cheerful news, this is our root vegetable crop. The giant reddish thing on the right is a purple carrot. We did plant purple carrots, and ended up with a few that didn’t get eaten, so the fact that it’s purple is not surprising. The fact that it’s about three times the diameter of the rest of the carrots is the surprise. How did that happen?

 photo IMG_42671_zpsacac9acf.jpg



Why is the government shut down? I don’t understand what it accomplishes for anyone. I have plenty of tea-partyish (or at least very conservative) friends, and none I’ve asked about it are happy that it’s shut down. So who is this pleasing? If you’re happy about it, maybe you could enlighten me, because there must be some reason for all this.

At least I hope there is something besides the general consensus among those I’ve polled, which is that entering Washington DC makes a person’s brain fall out.

 photo SANY2831.jpg
(His brain didn’t fall out.)

I will be taking 4 forced days of vacation on the 21st, then after that, it’s furlough for me! I wrote up a list of things I could accomplish around the house and filled up two pages of my planner, so I think I have enough work at home for a couple of months of furlough… The more I think about it, the nicer it sounds. Imagine having time to actually complete projects! However, many people don’t have a spouse with a job that can cover the bills during the shutdown. Those people aren’t going to be spending their nonexistent paychecks locally and there are enough of us that it’s going to affect the city (and the state, for that matter). So while I might enjoy my manual labor break from my desk job, for the common good it would really be best if our leaders would come up with some solution and keep us all working.

I guess we shall see what happens.

REAL work

Recently at work I was assembling a report which included some finite element analysis (FEA) that somebody else had done, and as I was putting those colorful pictures into the report I thought, now I’m doing REAL work. Never mind that I have never done any FEA. I’m guessing it’s deeply imprinted on my psyche that FEA is real work because my dad’s been doing it for just about 29 years.

I got the job!

Yesterday I was offered a real person job and accepted it. Hooray! Now I get to do real work! Well, I’ve been doing real work, but now I will have the responsibility to do real work. When I say it like that it seems rather more terrifying than exciting.

Now we can be permanent residents of Albuquerque! Or at least we can leave when WE decide to, rather than when my job is over. I don’t know why God has blessed my life so that everything works out exactly as I want it to, but I’m grateful for it!

I suppose we will proceed with building a shop now since it looks like we’ll be in this house for long enough to make it worthwhile. Guess we’ve got our summer’s work cut out for us. What features would you include in a shop? The primary purpose as I understand it is a place to restore the Lincoln and the Porsche, do woodworking, and perhaps for Ken to start a business someday.

Wisdom from Lisa

I may have mentioned I had an interview last week. I thought it went exceedingly well. In the spirit of talking about how wonderful I am, here are a few words of wisdom from me.

  • You know you’re a metallurgist when you use the polished samples on your desk to check if you’ve got pen on your face. Also that you’re clumsy and tend to get pen on your face.
  • It is cheaper to buy fleece clothing in which to ensconce yourself every evening than it is to set the furnace above 60 degrees.
  • While it’s totally nasty when the dogs eat the cat poop, it does lead to less frequent litter box cleaning sessions.

That is all. Carry on, just a little bit more enlightened than you were 60 seconds ago.

To assuage guilt, sleep for 3 hours

I’m home with a stomach bug today (thanks Ken!). It hit me pretty hard last night, but by this morning I was pretty empty (gross!) and not feeling too miserable anymore, so I was thinking perhaps I should go to work. I decided not to, because I really didn’t feel great, and I also read that norovirus can be contagious for up to 2 WEEKS after you get sick. I like the people at work; they don’t need to deal with this nonsense. Anyway, I was still feeling guilty about my decision when I crawled back into bed for a few minutes to procrastinate from trying to eat something more solid than a quarter cup of water. I hate that stage, not knowing whether it’s better to eat or not eat…

The next thing I knew it was nearly 11:00. I NEVER sleep during the day. It is absolutely impossible for me to get back to sleep after awakening when it’s light. Clearly I AM sick and there’s no need to feel guilty for not working! I have since managed to consume a cup of tea with honey and a bowl of malt-o-meal without incident other than a bit of a stomach ache, so perhaps I shall be back to my usual appetite and consuming entire blocks of cheese in one sitting soon.

Just kidding. I only consume partial blocks of cheese.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to assuage the guilt of being home all day and not being able to do much that’s useful.

Interview, agggghhhhh!

I have an interview for a real person job on Monday (and Tuesday, and Wednesday… They can really spread things out when you already work in the group)! I’m so thankful for my… boss. Mentor. Adviser? Whatever he is. The dude whose old job I’m interviewing for (because he joined the distinguished managerial ranks). He spent nearly two and a half hours with me Thursday going over the presentation I need to give. I’m positive that there’s no way I can incorporate all his suggestions before Monday at 8:30 AM, but I’m going to do my darnedest!

Anyway, I’m excited and nervous and grateful for this opportunity.

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