Coyote Carrera triathlon 2012

This was a backwards triathlon, which I’ve decided suits me just fine!


We started with the run. Remember how I said last time I posted that I broke a 9 minute mile for ONE mile? Well I got a time of 23:32 on the run, which seemed totally impossible for a 5k. And it would have been impossible for a 5k. Somehow the 5k shrunk to a 2.7 mile course, which still meant 8:39 miles! Color me extremely pleased. I was the 40th women out of 83 on the run – over halfway!


The bike course felt SOO fast! I had a blast, passing people all over the place. I probably should have pushed a little bit harder, because my legs didn’t start to feel really tired until about mile 9 of 12.5. I had an average speed of 18.18 mph, which includes the time the slow lady blocked me off for a minute and the time the traffic light turned red and I had to stop. I was the 26th fastest women on the bike. Top third!


Can you tell which one is me? Yeah, me neither. That was the most brutal triathlon swim I’ve done, because it was close contact the whole way! You had to go up and down each lane once, and people were trying to pass and going back and forth. Crazy! Usually starts are like that, but then things thin out and you can swim without somebody’s feet in your face. Anyway, I did not feel fast in the water, what with all the waves and the kicking and trying to pass and the exhaustion from the rest of the race. However, apparently I was 12th fastest woman (top 15%!), with a time of 8:19 for a 400m. I ended up 6th in my age group out of 11 and 26th of women overall.

I think with the events arranged in this way it’s much easier to actually sprint during a sprint triathlon. I didn’t try to save anything during the run – it’s the hardest event for me, so getting it over and done with means I can use the rest of my energy for the easy parts of the race. Also, you don’t start the bike dripping wet, and you don’t have to go from biking (lots of movement with minimal effort) to running (all effort no movement). Ken pointed out that people would probably drown in an open water swim if the swim was last, but I wouldn’t drown… So that would just mean less competition for me.

Next triathlon is June 2. 1 mile open water swim, 16.5 mile mountain bike course, “scenic” 5 mile run course. I’m pretty sure that “scenic” is code for steep. I will definitely not be sprinting. This will be one of those races where my goal is to finish. And since this race has time cutoffs, my goal is to finish before I get kicked out.


3 Responses to “Coyote Carrera triathlon 2012”

  1. 1 joekamphuis April 22, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    Lisa, I emailed Angie the race director and after I finally got my splits and time posted I asked her about the run and the swim. The run was 2.72 miles, and the swim was 200m. That makes more sense to me. It was still a lot of fun though! By the way, it is nice to see your compassionate side (“but I wouldn’t drown … So that would mean less competition for me”).

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