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I have mad tailoring skilz

Once again it’s been just under a month since I’ve posted anything. In that time we’ve been on two vacations and I did a triathlon, so I have many pictures to show and stories to tell. However, let me ease back into this with a simple story.

Once upon a time, Ken bought a fine wool suit on Ebay. No doubt Mr. Suit died and his relatives sold the suit to recoup their inheritance which had been squandered upon many fine wool suits. Ken purchased it based on the chest size. The problem with buying Mr. Suit’s suit based on chest size is that Mr. Suit had a considerably larger tummy, and a vastly, gigantically, hugely larger rear end than my dear husband has.

The jacket was a bit large.
 photo IMG_5422_zps26bbe553.jpg

But while the waist on the pants was only a little big, the seat was… tentlike. Me and the dogs could have fit in there with him. Maybe the cats too.
 photo IMG_5423_zps97737195.jpg

So, I revved up my sewing machine and went to work. I was terrified, this was definitely the most expensive project I’ve ever worked on. And it’s not like I’m a tailor.

Here we should pause and honor all those who patiently hammered sewing skills into my unwilling head and hands: Mrs. Hoffmann, Mrs. Scharold, Mrs. Naulty, and of course, Mom. There was much angst and more than a few tears through all those years of 4H, but apparently I learned a useful skill. Then there was the year Mom got me a sewing machine for my birthday. I was so un-impressed. It’s probably been the single most useful gift she ever gave me, so 14 year old me should have been more grateful.

I probably should have taken pictures in-progress, but I didn’t. I took in the jacket a little bit at the seams in the back, and re-sewed the entire center seam and inseams on the pants, as well as shortened them and made new cuffs.
 photo IMG_5671_zpsb082c5de.jpg

 photo IMG_5670_zps21790bdb.jpg

What a handsome fellow! I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of a sewing project in my life.
 photo IMG_5666_zpsff2f1959.jpg


2013 stocking

This is now a bit over a month old, but what with all the vacationing I haven’t gotten around to posting it. The first year we lived here, I made Ken a stocking. Last year I made myself a stocking. This year the cats got a stocking. It is my least favorite that I’ve made so far, but hey, it’s for cats. They can’t complain.
 photo IMG_4977_zpsc438613b.jpg

Next year the dogs are up. One little Sunday afternoon quilting project is generally enough to tide me over for an entire year.

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