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It’s been almost a year

What can I say? This happened the day after this kid started crawling, which was shortly after my last post was published. Turns out having a mobile kid sort of eats up your leisure time.

 photo 2016 489_zpsju0h4ixf.jpg

We’ve done a lot of traveling and had a lot of visits from family.
First, Mom came back from Oklahoma with us to watch Anna for a couple of weeks and test our soil. It was all very alkaline, if you were wondering.
 photo IMG_9071_zpskkr5kavw.jpg

Anna went on her first camping trip to the Sangre de Christos.
 photo 2016 496_zpskk14lhte.jpg

Ken’s sister and brother-in-law came to visit us and the Grand Canyon, and we gave them a horrible stomach bug. Sorry guys!
 photo 2016 460_zpsuny5j5ah.jpg

We went to WA for my sister Bekah’s wedding to Ben – I have a picture of Bekah, but none of Ben. He was there at his wedding, believe it or not.
 photo 2016 545_zpsxxwiflmk.jpg

The Egyptian sister also made an appearance.
 photo 2016 542_zpszd9s64sx.jpg

 photo 2016 552_zpsk7oubo9r.jpg

After the wedding my parents and sister drove up to Banff with us for a fantastic vacation.
 photo 2016 569_zpssaxujww6.jpg

 photo 2016 582_zpsewjonpqx.jpg

Ken and I left them and took a few days to take Anna to visit Ken’s grandpa Larry and his aunt, uncle, and cousins in Edmonton.
 photo 2016 594_zpst386brsh.jpg

Then it was out to Jasper for some more incredible views.

 photo 2016 617_zpsjwuw3afp.jpg

We had a quick visit with Ken’s parents and brother back in WA, then home.
 photo 2016 630_zpsyzb6z4y1.jpg

 photo 2016 631_zpscbvrcwxb.jpg

We took a quick weekend trip to Mesa Verde.
 photo 2016 645_zpsil0ngiki.jpg

 photo 2016 652_zpsceeedgil.jpg

And that brings us to the end of the summer, which is probably enough for one post. The other thing that we did at the end of the summer was stopped using cloth diapers sometime around 9 months old. The aged poop from daycare was getting to be too much to clean off. I was pleased with our cloth diaper experiment though. I think we saved money. And that is how exciting life gets with a small child. Diapers rank on the same level of excitement as trips to some of the most beautiful places on earth.


We drove to Oklahoma for Memorial Day weekend. 10.5 hours there. 10.5 hours back with an angelic 6 month old. She was really good in the car, only cried inconsolably twice, both times when she had a poopy diaper and we were still 20 minutes from anywhere we could stop.

The reason for the trip was to see my grandparents. They were totally charmed by their first great-grandchild!
 photo IMG_8996_zpsdsas2kyh.jpg

My parents, two of my aunts, one of my uncles and three of my cousins also showed up, so it was great to see everyone! Four generations!
 photo IMG_8986_zpsz1zcycf2.jpg

Dad and his sister.
 photo IMG_8966_zpsowxynxib.jpg

Dad and two of his sisters.
 photo IMG_8970_zps3isynasv.jpg

 photo IMG_9006_zpsu5yw5llf.jpg

Anna was definitely the star of the show!
 photo IMG_9007_zpsmadwrgli.jpg

 photo IMG_9012_zpsesjm5wk4.jpg

 photo IMG_9013_zpsyhbf7nto.jpg

Her first experience with a stream. They’re not very common in NM!
 photo IMG_9028_zpscohi6r4a.jpg

 photo IMG_9036_zpswgmozhyh.jpg

Smocking: a project completed.

You may remember how I wanted to make Anna a little smocked dress. Well, I did manage to get that done. On Easter morning… It actually wasn’t quite done, but it was good enough for her to wear it. It’s the first garment I’ve ever made without a pattern. And it works! It’s big, it may fit her for another year, but that’s fine. The smocking isn’t the most perfect ever, but I’m happy with how it turned out for my first try.
 photo 20160402_154026_zps3lkzbbgl.jpg

Here’s a couple of views of her wearing it on our trip to OK with my cousin and my dad.
 photo IMG_9004_zps5vmsuxyo.jpg

 photo IMG_8987_zpsihvfbugj.jpg

Catching up on cute baby pictures, because that’s all we take around here these days.

I think this picture sort of sums up our lives. Surrounded by furry beasts and baby toys in our little living room. Delightful! I don’t know where Tesla was. Evidently missing the party.
 photo IMG_8846_zpsigif9y58.jpg

My first Mother’s day with an exterior baby.
 photo IMG_8868_zpsamgis1s4.jpg

Good to the very last drop.
 photo IMG_8879_zpslpkrfnci.jpg

This child has the longest eyelashes!
 photo IMG_8902_zpsuik45syz.jpg

She’s a deep thinker sometimes.
 photo IMG_8907_zpsraofzfr9.jpg

Six month picture. I forgot to print out a sign. I and all my sisters, plus our good friend Zoae wore those pink pants. That makes Anna the 7th baby girl to wear them!
 photo IMG_8926_zpssmuvy1bv.jpg

Nothing is more delightful to this child than a petable animal.
 photo IMG_9063_zpsetlvoze7.jpg

I tried my hand at taking 6 month pictures. I wore this dress in my 6 month pictures. This is the one that I printed out to hang on our wall.
 photo IMG_9107_edit_zpspehctzuz.jpg

But this one is my favorite!
 photo IMG_9177_edit_zpsnbvixnde.jpg

Here’s me: Do we look alike? Thankfully, I don’t think she got my ears.
 photo IMG_91811_zpshvy0athq.jpg

Here’s her dad. He’s not wearing the same dress though. I think he has the funniest eyebrows I’ve ever seen on a baby. But this is coming from someone who evidently had no eyebrows as a baby and is even now somewhat lacking in the visible eyebrow department. Go ahead, scroll back up to the pictures of me as a baby and on Mother’s day. It’s true.
 photo IMG_91831_zpsc2dpk8vk.jpg

We went canoeing. It was a little bit of a fiasco.

We took Anna canoeing sometime before she was 5 months old. Ken’s mom shuttled the car for us and it was a bit of a fiasco getting in because the river was higher than when I had done it before and the nice sloping river bank was under three feet of rushing water. There was a very nice fellow fishing who helped us get launched – he even laid in the mud to hang on to us while we loaded up. Thank you anonymous, kind fisher-gentleman!

 photo IMG_8768_zpshm5vaxdy.jpg

Anna did ok – she wasn’t super happy about the life jacket, which was sort of… large. I think she was pretty hot before the sun went away behind big, threatening clouds. She wouldn’t cry if I was talking to her, but I couldn’t do that and paddle, so Ken was stuck paddling most of the way, and an upriver wind came up near the end and was pushing us back upriver. Did I mention it looked like it was about to pour? Also, the Rio Grande is different than any of the rivers we’re used to paddling, it has a sand bottom and it’s really hard to tell where the main channel is and where it’s super shallow, so we ran aground a couple of times.
 photo IMG_8766_zpsvwhtaqtc.jpg

We made it to the take-out uneventfully and it didn’t even rain on us. It was more of a character building experience than we wanted it to be, but we did see a beaver swimming, so that was very cool.

Daycare starts tomorrow

It has been so great having Anna’s grandmas around to take care of her for the past 2.5 months since I went back to work. Ken’s mom came and stayed for 2 months and was super helpful with Anna and above and beyond with the household chores. So big thanks to her and to Ken’s stepdad for enduring missing his wife for 2 months!

 photo IMG_8849_zpszhc2afld.jpg

 photo IMG_8742_zpske96uxa2.jpg

 photo IMG_8949_zpsxqsez10a.jpg

 photo IMG_8956_zps7xv9nfkv.jpg

My mom was here for about 2 weeks watching Anna and helping us with projects, so thanks to her and to Dad, who was at home working and trying to keep abreast of stupendously producing raspberries and kale without Mom’s help.

 photo IMG_9061_zpsgwmduc64.jpg

One of the projects my chemist Mom helped with: testing 10 soil samples for us. Turns out we have alkaline soil (which we knew) and need phosphorus badly and nitrogen everywhere we haven’t been amending.
 photo IMG_9071_zpskkr5kavw.jpg

I feel much better about Anna going to daycare now than I would have 2.5 months ago. She happily drinks for a bottle, doesn’t need quite as much sleep, and she LOVES people, so I think she’ll do great. Also, a week ago she sprouted a couple of razor sharp little teeth, and it somehow seems like it makes her more ready. She’s not my tiny, helpless baby any more. She can bite people now like a real person!

Anna, please don’t bite anyone at daycare.
 photo IMG_9054_zps9dzujjeh.jpg

How to make a free dog bed

Step 1. Decide that your pillows are in terrible shape because you’ve had them since the beginning of time and use money you got from returning generous gifts to your darling child to buy new pillows. Bad parents. But Anna didn’t need anything, and we did. I’m sure we’ll buy her a thing or two in the future to make up for it…
 photo IMG_8750_zpsvhitmk6v.jpg

Step 2. Find the cheap flannel bottom sheet from Target that only lasted through 2.5 winters of use before developing holes and cut it to a reasonable size to encompass all pillows.
 photo IMG_8751_zpszo6fw0zc.jpg

Step 3. Fold right sides together and sew two sides to make a long bag.
 photo IMG_8752_zpsylt8ba6l.jpg

Step 4. Turn right side out, stuff a pillow in, and sew along the bottom.
 photo IMG_8753_zpsrn3onysq.jpg

Step 5. Repeat with another pillow.
 photo IMG_8754_zpsrrf4h5nh.jpg

Step 6. Find that even a partially finished dog bed looks napworthy when you’re a mom with a baby who isn’t sleeping through the night.
 photo IMG_8757_zpstcs2fp2r.jpg

Step 7. Stuff in last pillow and sew it without doing a finished seam because it’s for DOGS and they don’t care about unfinished seams. Feel embarrassed any way and tuck the several inches of unfinished seam under the pillow for the picture.
 photo IMG_8758_zpsbp6vh5jz.jpg

Step 8. Enjoy the sight of both dogs together on the dog bed in the kennel, but never have a camera when they are there.
 photo IMG_8832_zpslwq6gfji.jpg

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