Animals at the zoo

After the wedding we started the real vacation. And I started it with a 12 mile run. A 12 mile run which I had been dreading. But I got to six miles and was running a minute faster than my usual pace and like I had just started. It was a miracle! I thought I had super powers! Best (also only) 12 miles of my life! I kept up that fast pace, and I felt great at the end. Considering it later, after the endorphins had drained away, I decided that I did not actually develop super powers. The 6000 foot elevation decrease was probably the cause. If only I could transport some of that oxygen home with me.

After the run we went to the zoo with Ken’s family.
 photo IMG_0974_zpsefcc80b5.jpg

 photo IMG_0967_zps77493d9f.jpg

 photo IMG_0969_zps124d9210.jpg

 photo IMG_0962_zps4617419f.jpg

Baby sun bears playing together.
 photo IMG_0978_zps66782d96.jpg

 photo IMG_1009_zpsd7cc5134.jpg

2 Responses to “Animals at the zoo”

  1. 1 bmoozick September 21, 2013 at 10:36 am

    Where did you go running for 12 miles in Seattle?

  2. 2 coldwork September 21, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    I got on the… Inter-Urban trail, maybe? Across the street and one block west of our hotel, and ran north for five miles, then back and south a mile and back. It was a lovely place to run.

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