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Happy Thanksgiving!

Some things I’m thankful for:

The ability to work from home if I need to, but maybe not how helpful this cat is when I do it.
 photo 20141029_161414_zpsllgzeax8.jpg

The hiking opportunities near our home, and the company of these goobers on said hikes.
 photo IMG_6245_zps22090323.jpg

Gardening. Specifically copious quantities of tomatillos this year. Yes, that is a 5 gallon bucket.
 photo 1413670920626_zpsobnwrynw.jpg

My good friend from work who invited me to go get afternoon tea with her on one of our Fridays off.
 photo 20141031_115025_zpsre3jtqka.jpg

My husband who can fix the dishwasher with a couple of parts so we don’t have to buy a new one.
 photo 20140914_135059_zpsbhhpbu9y.jpg

Camping, and family who likes to go camping with us.
 photo IMG_6261_zps857cf4ef.jpg

Mountain biking!
 photo 20141015_155012_zpsusshnssg.jpg

And much, much more that I don’t have pictures of. May you enjoy my favorite holiday!



It may appear that this cat is very interested in cat litter, but really that’s the food bucket. This is why they get fed twice a day. If Cosmo gets in the food bucket, he just stays there and swells to three times his normal size.

 photo IMG_5287_zpsb1c43bd8.jpg

2013 stocking

This is now a bit over a month old, but what with all the vacationing I haven’t gotten around to posting it. The first year we lived here, I made Ken a stocking. Last year I made myself a stocking. This year the cats got a stocking. It is my least favorite that I’ve made so far, but hey, it’s for cats. They can’t complain.
 photo IMG_4977_zpsc438613b.jpg

Next year the dogs are up. One little Sunday afternoon quilting project is generally enough to tide me over for an entire year.

Cats and their characters

This is my princess cat. She is beautiful and dainty. She is aloof unless you’re warmer than the other surroundings. She is polite in her friendliness.

 photo IMG_4509_zps01207d5f.jpg

This is my jerk cat. He is huge and ridiculous. He tortures the dogs. He steps on your keyboard. He headbutts you. He is rude and obnoxious. He has no idea how to cover his poop in the litter box and scrapes and scrapes and scrapes everywhere except in the litter.

 photo IMG_4372_zpsb5825506.jpg

These pictures were taken randomly in the past month. It’s funny how accurately they portray their personalities.

Can you spot the cat?

This is his spot. We didn’t cover him with the afghan and the quilt, he burrowed.
 photo IMG_4294_zps0024bad7.jpg

Ken was home sick a week and a half ago and reported that Cosmo spent the ENTIRE day there.

Thoroughly random

Hello. Today I bring you a collection of random thoughts and things to catch up on last month interspersed with random pictures.

Today, I read a paper from the Journal of Basic Engineering. Ah 1969, what a simple time you were.

I’m not doing the half-marathon. Plantar fasciitis has reared it’s ugly head and is stubbornly refusing to vacate my left foot. So I am fat and lazy and my left foot hurts.


Last week there was a vinegaroon wandering across the living room floor. Ugh. I should have taken a picture, but instead Ken flung it out the back door.


I got first in my class in a metallography contest. Fun!


Ken smoked salmon for Kristina and I on Sunday evening. It was delicious.


Ken made profession of faith and I officially joined the church last week. It was a joyous occasion.


We bought a LED TV. It seems ridiculously decadent.


In the 200IM men’s final, there was a guy with the same last name as me!!! We must be long-lost cousins.


There are more things to record for posterity, but they all have associated pictures so they shall have to wait until later.

One year in Albuquerque

We arrived in Albuquerque a year ago this week! It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year. Here’s to many more!

By this time next year I hope:

  • I will have a real-live actual adult person permanent job. i’ll be 28, it’ll be about time!
  • We will have begun on the great house addition project.
  • We will have figured out how to keep animals from eating the garden – no luck with spraying on cayenne pepper yet. Ah well, I figured it wouldn’t be that easy.
  • We will own 2 cars instead of 4. Anyone in the market for a 1984 BMW, 1997 Honda Civic, or 2000 Ford ginormous van…?
  • I will have finally put away the laundry. Why is this so difficult for me? I can wash it, dry it (even hang dry it sometimes!), bring the basket up to our bedroom, but I cannot put it in the drawers.

It sounds as though the cat may is destroying something in my bedroom, so I better go check it out. Guess that’s all we’ll be able to accomplish in the next year.

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