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Still catching up from October: Bandelier National Monument

They’re so happy!
 photo IMG_6340_zpsfab086ce.jpg

It’s so cool that you can climb into the little caves.
 photo IMG_6347_zps25dcb521.jpg

 photo IMG_6351_zpse04b5eea.jpg

What a cute couple!
 photo IMG_6352_zpsbed7183f.jpg

 photo IMG_6356_zps45a51cb8.jpg

 photo IMG_6357_zpsa10bfe86.jpg

Yes, my husband does hike in slacks and a polo. He’s awesome and always ready for some engineering.
 photo IMG_6358_zps0e4e933c.jpg

View out the window. Not bad.
 photo IMG_6359_zps0eb7a436.jpg

This was a big ladder. The pictures doesn’t really do it justice.
 photo IMG_6374_zps8581851c.jpg

 photo IMG_6377_zps45b35945.jpg

See that ladder there in the middle? That’s the one that my sister and brother-in-law were on two pictures up.
 photo IMG_6379_zpse2ec36c1.jpg

Very cool. I’d recommend Bandelier, although maybe not in the summer. Not much shade. It was delightful in October though!


Happy New Year+25 days

Hope the first month of 2015 has gone well for everybody. Looking through my pictures, I’m still catching up from October while my sister and brother-in-law were here.

We took them mountain biking, as we are wont to do.
 photo 20141015_154403_zpsokpgo3yz.jpg

 photo 20141015_154450_zpsstbld4nb.jpg

 photo 20141015_155012_zpsusshnssg.jpg

I love mountain biking. I’m hoping we do more of it this year. I think there’s a good chance, because a friend from grad school is talking about a trip to Moab, and if we’re going to be even close to being able to ride in Moab with him we need some practice.

We also spent the day in Santa Fe, which is quite pretty in the fall with the trees turning color.

 photo IMG_6321_zpsbdb90a36.jpg

 photo IMG_6325_zpsaf2e0259.jpg

 photo IMG_6330_zpscb897293.jpg

This statue has been in NM off and on for a looong time. I guess the Spaniards actually took her with them when they got kicked out by the natives for a few years, then brought her back when they came back.

 photo IMG_6335_zps2282bfe4.jpg

This is the face of a man unconvinced that the train to Santa Fe constitutes a time-savings. It took forever. But, we didn’t have to try to park in Santa Fe, so I guess that’s a plus.
 photo IMG_6337_zpseb0003f7.jpg

This week, for a change

Let’s take a break from ancient history and talk about the past week. Not in any chronological order: We went to see the River of Lights with our in-town relatives. For future reference: Get there at about 7:30, the parking had started to clear out by then.
 photo IMG_65371_zps5f72cd9f.jpg

We got a new toilet seat, because the other one broke off while Ken was cleaning it last week. He must be a very thorough cleaner! Of course it was right before we were having a party at our house. But the new toilet seat is very exciting because it’s a soft close thing, so no more banging toilet seat! It’s possible that home ownership has made me even more boring than I used to be.
 photo IMG_65491_zps2d45232a.jpg

My clutch stopped working last weekend, so Ken ordered the master cylinder and installed it on Friday. My car also got a new battery, and has suspension parts sitting in the trunk that will be installed in a couple of weeks. It’s going to be like a brand-new car! Little Civic needs to keep going for another year or so, maybe then I’ll consider getting a newer car.
 photo IMG_65411_zps58a38ed1.jpg

Obviously this was my favorite thing at the River of Lights.
 photo IMG_65301_zps4e15a017.jpg

I think this was my cousin-in-laws favorite.
 photo IMG_65242_zpscfe27462.jpg

We had a star party at our house, where I tried to teach a roomful of people how to make the stars that my dad’s family makes at Christmas. We had moderate success with the stars, but the party was fun anyhow. Ken made some really good food.
 photo IMG_65161_zps24d80014.jpg

An old motel near our house burned to the ground. The flames were impressive. Ken took this from our front porch, I think. Just left of center I think you can see a firefighter, and the ground rises up above the structure there, so he’s already elevated. Happily, nobody was hurt, but some people definitely lost everything the week before Christmas.
 photo IMG_65051_zps399c104a.jpg

We’ve also been spending a fair amount of time stripping the new to us engine for the truck that Ken ordered off of Ebay. Hopefully someday that will be a series of posts of it’s own. But for now, the good news is that it is mostly disassembled, and the innards look pristine, which means it will be an excellent replacement engine. Also, having a phone with a camera makes me far less prone to lug the big camera down to the shop, hence the bad pictures.
 photo 20141209_200002_zpsvjqyufzj.jpg

In the extremely likely event that I don’t post anything more before Christmas: Merry Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Some things I’m thankful for:

The ability to work from home if I need to, but maybe not how helpful this cat is when I do it.
 photo 20141029_161414_zpsllgzeax8.jpg

The hiking opportunities near our home, and the company of these goobers on said hikes.
 photo IMG_6245_zps22090323.jpg

Gardening. Specifically copious quantities of tomatillos this year. Yes, that is a 5 gallon bucket.
 photo 1413670920626_zpsobnwrynw.jpg

My good friend from work who invited me to go get afternoon tea with her on one of our Fridays off.
 photo 20141031_115025_zpsre3jtqka.jpg

My husband who can fix the dishwasher with a couple of parts so we don’t have to buy a new one.
 photo 20140914_135059_zpsbhhpbu9y.jpg

Camping, and family who likes to go camping with us.
 photo IMG_6261_zps857cf4ef.jpg

Mountain biking!
 photo 20141015_155012_zpsusshnssg.jpg

And much, much more that I don’t have pictures of. May you enjoy my favorite holiday!

Parental visitation

My beloved Mom and Dad came to visit us back in July. I have a sneaking suspicion that the real motivation for the particular timing of the visit was to see my brand new first cousin once removed who lives in town, but they did actually spend most of the time camping with us. Guess if I want to see them more I should have some kids…
 photo IMG_5920_zpsdd755724.jpg

We had a great time camping. We did a lot of fishing, went to a classic small-town 4th of July parade, hiked up to some alpine lakes, played games, visited with my Dad’s aunt and uncle, and enjoyed the sights (and relatively cool weather!) of Northern New Mexico.

 photo IMG_5845_zps3704b28e.jpg

 photo IMG_5850_zps8333b99c.jpg

 photo IMG_5854_zpscb9f7d12.jpg

 photo IMG_5877_zps2d6bc0dc.jpg

 photo IMG_5856_zps16896291.jpg

 photo IMG_5881_zps4e568a14.jpg

 photo IMG_5891_zps37a5a27b.jpg

 photo IMG_5894_zps7abaed22.jpg

 photo IMG_5852_zpse13b3204.jpg

 photo IMG_5899_zps16816dbc.jpg

 photo IMG_5909_zps2a5dc7fb.jpg

 photo IMG_5905_zps8dea27d1.jpg

 photo IMG_5925_zps85a857d0.jpg

 photo IMG_5918_zps3757f650.jpg

 photo IMG_5927_zpse338442e.jpg

I like Mom’s style packing up the tent. It felt like sort of a whirlwind visit in the midst of building a shop, remodeling the bathroom, and Ken having a new job, but we had a great time with them.

Memorial Day Manzanos camping

You may have guessed by the way I’ve not been posting anything that I have a backlog of things to write about, and the thought of getting caught up is just too daunting. The time has come. This was our camping trip over Memorial Day. That’s how far behind I am.

When we arrived, there was some fairly sizable hail on the ground. We felt thankful that it had hailed BEFORE we got there.
 photo IMG_5674_zps726b3f99.jpg

This is why they call it robin’s egg blue. So pretty! Ken accidentally scared the mom robin off of her nest and felt really bad. She came back through.
 photo IMG_5677_zps227d70b7.jpg

There were so many beautiful birds around our campsite!
 photo IMG_5682_zps92d7e53c.jpg

 photo IMG_5683_zps76d316ab.jpg

 photo IMG_5694_zpse30ae55c.jpg

We went on a hike to the top of the ridge. Dogs love hiking.
 photo IMG_5696_zps4a67d0f4.jpg

The dogs were VERY excited about the cows we met along the way.
 photo IMG_5697_zpsdc750882.jpg

This forest had burned a couple of years back.
 photo IMG_5698_zps4b781229.jpg

We didn’t quite get to the top of the ridge, because there was a very ominous and close crack of thunder and we had to turn around and scurry down the mountain to shelter. It’s a good thing we did. No sooner did we get back to the camp, than it started to hail. A lot. We sheltered in the car.
 photo IMG_5699_zpsb7351612.jpg

I told you it was a lot of hail.
 photo IMG_5701_zpsb0e62056.jpg

Oh dear.
 photo IMG_5705_zpsf917c350.jpg

Happily the sun came out when the storm was over and we dried everything out.
 photo IMG_5706_zps5d067001.jpg

Including Klaus.
 photo IMG_5708_zpsc14d9317.jpg

So we might be bad people. We let our dogs tear up this meadow in search of some rodent. They never caught it, but man was it funny to watch them try.
 photo IMG_5717_zps8f092a08.jpg

Heidi got a little bit chilly that evening. She needed a blanket and to be snuggled up to the fire. What a pansy dog.
 photo IMG_5719_zps4ce273d2.jpg

The next day we drove up to hike along the ridge. It was a beautiful hike with some beautiful views, but the windfalls from the fire were numerous and made for a lot of scrambling up and over. I think I counted over 100 that we went over.
 photo IMG_5724_zps53559773.jpg

From the ridge we could see the clouds rolling in, and by time they were looking like rain it was pretty late in the afternoon, so we weren’t going to have a chance to dry everything out before night. So we chickened out and went home. Which is a nice thing you can do when you’re camping less than an hour from home… And you know what? That was a good decision. It rained ALL night, and my bed was dry and I wasn’t sleeping half an inch or less from two big, wet dogs.

We got a shop.

First there was a bunch of rabbitbrush and cacti. Then some men came with a bobcat and made a flat spot.
 photo IMG_5425_zps60ce2e95.jpg

 photo IMG_5428_zps63e8cb8c.jpg

Then some other men came and drilled big holes.
 photo IMG_5735_zps7e978a47.jpg

Very big holes.
 photo IMG_5736_zpsabc600ac.jpg

Then a frame appeared.
 photo IMG_5739_zps9d6ff334.jpg

A wall, even!
 photo IMG_5738_zpse436dbc7.jpg

 photo IMG_5758_zpsdce0d0c4.jpg

Then we got concrete, and then finally we did some work ourselves, installing gutters. While wearing head-nets because the gnats were unbelievably awful.
 photo IMG_5766_zps9750dd4d.jpg

 photo IMG_5765_zps364e1168.jpg

Given the amount of work putting up simple gutters turned out to be, I’m extremely pleased that we had other people come and put up the rest of the shop. This past week we waterproofed the floor, and all that remains until it’s fully completed is getting electricity installed. Minor detail, right?

Next project: Replace the engine in the truck. Fun stuff.

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