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Happy Thanksgiving!

Some things I’m thankful for:

The ability to work from home if I need to, but maybe not how helpful this cat is when I do it.
 photo 20141029_161414_zpsllgzeax8.jpg

The hiking opportunities near our home, and the company of these goobers on said hikes.
 photo IMG_6245_zps22090323.jpg

Gardening. Specifically copious quantities of tomatillos this year. Yes, that is a 5 gallon bucket.
 photo 1413670920626_zpsobnwrynw.jpg

My good friend from work who invited me to go get afternoon tea with her on one of our Fridays off.
 photo 20141031_115025_zpsre3jtqka.jpg

My husband who can fix the dishwasher with a couple of parts so we don’t have to buy a new one.
 photo 20140914_135059_zpsbhhpbu9y.jpg

Camping, and family who likes to go camping with us.
 photo IMG_6261_zps857cf4ef.jpg

Mountain biking!
 photo 20141015_155012_zpsusshnssg.jpg

And much, much more that I don’t have pictures of. May you enjoy my favorite holiday!


Most of March, a retrospective

I’ve been unmotivated to write anything here for a while (since our anniversary, judging by the last post) for some reason. So here’s one of those catch-up-on-nearly-a-month posts.

NM can be cool looking. These pictures were from the drive back from Durango.
 photo IMG_5183_zpsf95ec4f5.jpg

 photo IMG_5186_zps4c2c8560.jpg

 photo IMG_5189_zps7378f76c.jpg

Meanwhile, back at home the apricot tree was in full bloom. In February. Surprisingly I don’t think it actually froze hard enough to completely kill it, and some bees did eventually show up to do some pollinating, so maybe we’ll actually have an apricot or two this year.
 photo IMG_5226_zps8f2cf88a.jpg

And then it snowed. Really hard! None of it stuck to the ground, but it sure was coming down hard for an hour or so.
 photo IMG_5232_zps59949dab.jpg

Klaus is still cute, and still peeing on the floor every day. But not every night! Baby steps.
 photo IMG_5233_zps7c180a3b.jpg

Dog training time

I have had enough.

 photo IMG_4996_zps95121263.jpg

It is time for a renewed effort to get rid of Klaus’s separation anxiety and fully house train him. We also need him to stay in the dog pen. He likes to run away and visit all over the valley, cavorting with coyotes, running across the highway multiple times, and eating garbage. The coyotes are probably not going to hurt him. They’re some of the sleekest fattest coyotes I’ve ever seen and a big dog is probably not that interesting when there are plump and stupid bunnies everywhere. The garbage eating is also probably not such a big deal (although the corn-filled poop is mysterious. Who threw out that much corn where he could get to it? Did he raid someone’s dinner table?). But the highway will kill him one of these days. It’s killed two of our neighbors last three dogs in the last 5 years or so.

That’s three behavior issues all wrapped up in one dog. So far our approaches to the problems have been sporadic and non-unified. I think we need to tackle them all at once.

Here’s my plan:

1. Fix the dog pen. We gave up on keeping him in it in the middle of the monsoon season, and sediment flowed in and needs to be dug out. We also need to reinforce and re-electrify the south end where he was escaping.

2. Deal with the separation anxiety. I doubt that this will be as simple as giving him a Kong treat to keep him occupied when we leave, but we’ll start there and see how it goes. Also, somehow we have to make the pen and attractive place for him to be – hide dog food around it, maybe?

3. Actually house train him for reals. Give him a treat as soon as he actually goes outside, clean the room with enzymatic cleaner to get rid of the pee smell, put treats where he usually pees in the room, and maybe get a belly band to discourage him from peeing.

4. Take the dogs on walks in the morning before we leave and the evening before we go to bed, instead of just letting them out to run around with each other. The morning is going to be hard and we may have to change our whole life schedule for that to work. Currently I get up and leave an hour before Ken does because I have to work an hour longer, and I feel quite reluctant to get up any earlier.

Any other suggestions aside from bringing him to work, quitting my job, or shooting him?

2014 – Wishing you a prosperous new year

Happy New Year!

 photo IMG_8333.jpg

Because I have a miserable cold (Don’t worry Mom, it started to get better today) I started out 2014 in a NyQuil fueled slumber. We went to bed around 10 after catching up on some bad TV (the Christmas Special of Big Bang Theory was very funny). You wish your life was as glamorous as mine. Anyway, 17 minutes into the new year, there was a racket emanating from the downstairs room loud enough that it not only could be heard over the sound of the running water in the humidifier right next to the bed (again with the glamorous life), but also loud enough to pull me out of my NyQuil coma.

 photo IMG_4133_zpsc4431572.jpg

Apparently Klaus is not a big fan of fireworks. The fireworks were in the next valley over and they didn’t wake me up. No, Klaus trying to dig his way through the wall air-conditioning unit woke me. He peed everywhere (as usually happens at least twice a day anyway), and I think he actually might have succeeded in pushing the A/C unit out if we hadn’t stopped him. That dog is lucky he lived through that episode. I think we both seriously considered using the shotgun to put him out of our misery. Good thing he’s so cute.

 photo IMG_9991_zpsca2750bc.jpg

While discussing 2013 and our hopes for 2014 with Ken before we went to sleep, I thought that Klaus had been the second worst thing about 2013. So far he’s definitely the worst thing of 2014. But you know what? When a dog that runs away, pees all over the floor repeatedly every single day, and wakes you up at midnight is the worst thing in a year, you must have a pretty amazing life! I sometimes still wonder if someday I’ll wake up from my awesome life which I don’t deserve to find I’m in Cleveland in the rain where I’ll promptly fall into a bathtub-sized pothole then get mugged. God has blessed us!

Here’s hoping Klaus is the worst thing about 2014! And may your 2014 be filled with less-naughty dogs than mine.
 photo IMG_8057.jpg

Skiing is fun!

A couple of weeks ago we dug out the cross-country skis and piled in the truck with my cousin and the dogs for a quick Saturday afternoon ski trip. We went to a city open space about 20 minutes from our house and saw only one other human.

 photo IMG_4517_zps416e7ab8.jpg

It was really beautiful, with the frost outlining all the Ponderosa needles and the sunset reflecting through the low clouds.

 photo IMG_4526_zpsecf68954.jpg

The dogs had a great time, although the fur between Klaus’s pads always builds up with snow and hurts his feet after a while. We’re THAT close to becoming those people who put booties on their dog. I can’t imagine they’d actually stay on though. Maybe we’ll try trimming the fur there before we go again. Here they are trying their best to destroy some rodent and digging up the whole meadow in the process…

 photo IMG_4511_zps5202b9b9.jpg

My snowboarding husband is getting more and more comfortable on skis. Soon we’ll have him good enough to go for a multi-day hut trip. And then we’ll just have to wait for enough vacation to do it!

 photo IMG_4512_zps2a9fdd78.jpg

The Great Search

The grandson was tasked with picking out the perfect Christmas tree from the property. It was a serious task.
 photo IMG_4431_zpse1b87f15.jpg

Even the little dog who my dogs treat like he’s a cat deigned to accompany us.
 photo IMG_4442_zpsd83493fd.jpg

He is cute though.
 photo IMG_4443_zpsaa512041.jpg

The other dog is much more doggy. Ken’s job was to keep her ball in constant motion.
 photo IMG_4449_zpsaf78c00b.jpg

The patriarchs survey the scene.
 photo IMG_4440_zpsdac78207.jpg

She decides that that particular tree is too short.
 photo IMG_4436_zpsa3a9e63f.jpg

The tree has been chosen!
 photo IMG_4460_zps531e4b72.jpg

The chooser is not too interested in the tree-cutting process.
 photo IMG_4467_zpsdf8178f3.jpg

Ken displays his unique one-armed tree carrying technique.
 photo IMG_4472_zpsfaa01fc7.jpg

Dad and my first cousin once removed admire the installed and decorated tree later.
 photo IMG_4479_zps82e6b113.jpg

My dogs

 photo IMG_4369_zpscf0039e4.jpg

Admit it, they’re adorable.

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