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My dad is turning the big 60 in a couple of months, so my Mom came up with the idea that Ken and I should show up in Carson City, Nevada to surprise him while they were on vacation visiting friends during Mom’s spring break a couple of weeks ago. So we did!

The plan was that we would arrive in the middle of the night, which was not really optimal, but those were the affordable flights by time we decided everything. However, our flight was delayed and we ended up spending the night in Phoenix instead, and didn’t get into Reno until like noon on Friday. Mom let me know that they were hiking at a waterfall, so we showed up at the waterfall and hiked, expecting a short, half mile hike to find them. Well, a mile or so up a pretty significant hill in the hot sun I got a call from Mom,

“Where are you guys?!” We had seen them on the trail above us, so I was fairly sure that we were on the right trail. And we were, I could see her on the next little ridge on the phone with me. Turned out Dad had voluntarily sat down under a tree and taken his shoes off, so we were actually able to catch up to Sir Hikes Alot. He was extremely surprised! Actually, when we were about 20 feet away on the trail, he looked over directly at us, then looked away. He said he thought that guy looked a lot like Ken, but that Ken didn’t belong on a trail in Nevada.

After a lot of giggling, explanations, and triumphal declarations of successful surprising despite missed flights and our friends and hosts who Mom was sure were going to spill the beans, we headed down the (much shorter) trail back to the car to find us some food, since we hadn’t had lunch and it was nearing 2:00. Mom and Dad took us to a very cool restaurant in Carson City, Red’s Old 395 Grill, where we ate some lunch. We then went on another hike up another canyon where Ken spotted this little guy.
 photo IMG_6946_zps01rbsqd4.jpg

That evening our old friends from our hometown who were wonderful hosts to us all fed us a delicious meal and we played games for a while. The next day we went skiing on the penultimate day of the ski season at Diamond Peak resort. This is what it looks like under the lift when you ski the penultimate day of the season. Not particularly encouraging.
 photo 20150328_101530_zpsnpbdawkk.jpg

However, there was enough snow to make it off the lift and down the mountain, and the view was totally worth it.
 photo 20150328_110031_zpszty88tx7.jpg

Gorgeous. Lake Tahoe is very beautiful, and I think the guy’s pretty good looking too!
 photo 20150328_101545_zpsz3jpbsea.jpg

Company was good too.
 photo 20150328_095033_zpsybdwziuw.jpg

Because the three runs that were open weren’t actually that entertaining and were frankly getting rather bare and treacherous by 2:30, we called it quits early and went down to a park in a town just inside the CA border, where we noted that the water was at least 8 ft lower than the docks. Evidently there really is a drought.

 photo IMG_6958_zpstivd4teb.jpg

On the way back over the mountains to Carson City we had a good view of the ski area and the one run down from the top. Yes, that thin ribbon of snow is what we were skiing on. It definitely got thinner throughout the day.
 photo IMG_6963_zpsbya92wd8.jpg

That night our hosts again cooked us a fantastic meal and had a little birthday party for Dad. We spent the evening again playing cards, then all left for our respective homes early the next morning. It was a short visit, but tons of fun. Special thanks to our Carson City hosts for enabling all of this, you guys are great!


Trains, skis, and Nepalese (food)

We took a somewhat last-minute trip to Durango over MLK weekend. While there, we took the narrow gauge steam train up the valley.
 photo IMG_6782_zps7fb7fc4d.jpg

The train track was quite impressively built. I’m not sure that this picture does the sheer drop to the river justice.
 photo IMG_6794_zps2b209692.jpg

The train was extremely cool.
 photo IMG_6815_zps9ee65d6d.jpg

 photo IMG_6817_zps2ee559da.jpg

 photo IMG_6866_zps6bb61357.jpg

Next day, we skiied. Now those are real mountains.
 photo 20150118_114551_zpsyw0yuoao.jpg

It was a nice day, the snow was decent, and the views were spectacular.
 photo 20150118_114630_zpsxrms2iqn.jpg

That night we ate the most amazing meal. We ate at Himalayan Kitchen in downtown Durango. We had yak, among other things, and it was SO good. If/when we go back to Durango we’re going to eat every meal there. On MLK day we drove out to Wolf Creek, which was fantastic skiing as per usual. They have the best snow there. Too bad it’s a bit further than I really want to drive in one day there and back for skiing.

Christmas vacation part 1: in which we play outside in the snow

We went to Washington for Christmas and New Years, since our families are both there. We were able to see all our immediate family members, and looking at my pictures I can divide our time there into two segments: The part where we were outside in the snow, and the part where we were inside playing games. Not a bad way to spend a winter vacation.

We spent my birthday (my 30th, if anyone’s counting. I have no angsty words of wisdom or philosophizing on that subject. I’m excited to be 30.) cross country skiing with a portion of my family.
 photo IMG_6576_zps39a010b1.jpg

 photo IMG_6570_zps224813b5.jpg

 photo IMG_6563_zpsfe25bc26.jpg

 photo IMG_6581_zps4478bbc6.jpg

The sledding hill provoked some apprehension.
 photo IMG_6613_zps26023b4c.jpg

 photo IMG_6620_zpsf9a0f2d2.jpg

 photo IMG_6621_zpsef304b41.jpg

You would think that having my picture taken against a white background such as snow would make me look as though my skin has color to it. Evidently not.
 photo IMG_6625_zps3cb3ccdd.jpg

Somebody has a boyfriend.
 photo IMG_6636_zps895e66e6.jpg

Sunset on the way home.
 photo IMG_6650_zps44e829c6.jpg

We drove further north up to a cabin and spent some more time in the snow with my family, missing only one brother-in-law. This was the view. Mom wanted to come stay for a month, which is sorta weird, if you’ve seen the view from HER living room. Guess there’s not usually snow outside of her living room.
 photo IMG_6658-Copy_zpsfe6ae96e.jpg

We did some downhill skiing, cross country skiing, floundering through downed trees on an un-cleared trail trying to cross-country ski, ice skating, game playing, hot tub sitting, and laughing uproariously. Twas a good time.

 photo IMG_6663-Copy_zpsed0d2544.jpg

Somebody brought this green face goo up to the cabin. It triggered quite a bit of the aforementioned uproarious laughter.
 photo IMG_6667-Copy_zpscf202a19.jpg

Happy anniversary to us

Here is Ken cross-country skiing, something that does not come naturally to him.
 photo IMG_5169_zpse7537c62.jpg

He’s immediately good at most everything he tries.
 photo IMG_5170_zps7c1ecbf4.jpg

In the past, when he tried something which he didn’t master instantly, his inclination was to quit and never try it again. The activity would forever be categorized as “Something I’m not good at.”
 photo IMG_5171_zpsf951508e.jpg

This year he has broken out of that mindset in many ways, doing things and dealing with situations he’s not immediately comfortable with at home, at work, at church, and on top of Mora Pass in southern CO.
 photo IMG_5172_zps64918433.jpg

Today’s our 3rd anniversary. I’m so blessed and proud to be his wife. I hope I can imitate the grace and style with which he deals with uncomfortable situations.
 photo IMG_5173_zpse2ecd803.jpg

And the laughter. Let’s keep having fun together, my dear!
 photo IMG_5175_zps6e044669.jpg

January distances and a broken binding

You will be pleased to hear that in January I:
Swam 3000 m
Biked 13 mi
Ran 25.5 mi
Strength training 4 sessions
Skiing 0

So, that’s a failure on the swimming, biking, and skiing front, but pretty decent success on the running and strength training. We’ll take what we can get.

So far the first week of February has not gone overly well, but I think I may do pretty well on the biking this month because the Olympics are on AND for the first time in 4 Olympic games (that’s since the 2006 games, people) we have both a TV and an antenna that can actually pick up NBC. So that’s 3 hours each evening for the next couple of weeks that I could spend on the trainer in front of the TV. Granted, last night I spent it on my butt with my laptop… But still. It might happen.

We did also go skiing at last Saturday at Taos. They’d gotten four or five inches of snow at the top which was on top of some nasty icy stuff from December. We had fun despite the ice at the bottom of every run. My cousin even took us hiking up the ridge to the runs that go down from there, which I have always been too afraid to do because they’re all double blacks, and Ken has always been too out of shape to do. I loved it. Ken hated it. (“Why would I pay $80 for a lift ticket, then hike?”) Unfortunately, the last run of the day was all on blue groomers which were completely devoid of anything resembling snow more than ice. Ken lost it and broke a clip on his binding. I think having only the one edge on a snowboard makes ice harder to navigate, because I saw several snowboarders do the same thing (fall down, not break bindings).

His bindings are the old step-in style that nobody makes anymore, and he doesn’t really want to get new equipment (although while watching slopestyle last night he WAS perusing the Burton website). So… He ordered some epoxy and he’s going to carbon-fiber it back into place. Fun stuff.

More excitement in the life of Lisa

Aside from the thrills of storage area organization, our main excitement in the past few weeks has been the acquisition of a Costco membership. Oh my!

We’ve resisted for a couple of years because:
1. I don’t like shopping and I don’t need to spend any more of my life than absolutely necessary shopping. So if I can buy all my groceries at one place once a week, why would I mess with a good thing?
2. Remember how our house has no pantry? This will not play well with Costco. Also, until we bought the garage freezer last year, our freezer space was very limited.

So, what has changed (besides the freezer)? Well, we both were due for new glasses, and our experiences two years ago at two different Walmarts were both terrible. And Costco now accepts our vision insurance. It seemed worth it. And it was. No hassle, two trips, once to order, once to pick them up. Perfect. Also, my glasses are pretty.

 photo IMG_50381_zpsb2b6cfeb.jpg

The only thing I think we’ll be buying at Costco on a regular basis is the frozen sweet corn. The $55 a year is probably worth it just to have access to that stuff. I love it so much! Oh, and the roast chicken. Costco is directly on my way home from work, and with one of those puppies I can whip up a full meal with baked potatoes, corn, salad, and chicken within 10 minutes of getting home. As I am evidently programmed to be starving at 4:00 sharp, this is a huge plus. Plus we can get like 5 more meals out of one of those things if we make broth.

We really need to do something more exciting around here, at some point people are going to tire of hearing about my closets and what I ate for dinner last night. Not to worry, rumor has it Taos is finally getting some snow, so we’re headed up there an hour and a half before the crack of dawn tomorrow to see what we can find.

Lots and lots of snow!

Today it snowed enough that they let us out of work at 1:00!

We must have had 6+ inches of the stuff at our house.
 photo IMG_44901_zps817699be.jpg

What do you do with an afternoon off and six inches of snow? You test out your new cross country skis.
 photo IMG_44951_zps40e16e02.jpg

Apparently the rocks were warm enough on the side sheltered from the wind to melt the snow and make icicles. Very cool.
 photo IMG_45011_zpsc8001cb4.jpg

Very, very cool.
 photo IMG_45061_zps52fa7cc1.jpg

Here’s hoping it snows a whole bunch more this winter. We love it!

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