February mileage

Now that March is almost over, in February I:
Swam 12700 m
Biked 93.75 mi (on the trainer, so ish)
Ran 13.5 mi
Strength training: 3 sessions
Skiing: 4 times (2 downhill, 2 cross country)
Hiked 3 mi

So that’s resounding success on the swimming and biking fronts, and plantar fasciitis on the running front. Again. I thought I fixed it last spring when I changed my running stride. I don’t know if I got lazy about the new stride or what, but my left heel became unbearable after the second week of February, so I stopped entirely for three weeks. For the past three weeks I’ve been rather gingerly running once a week to test out if I’m ready to start again. I think if I give it one more week off, keep wearing my compression sock and massage it every day I’ll be ready to go again. We shall see.

I’m on track to hit my March biking, swimming, and strength goals, which is great. I should be exceeding them, since I’m obviously not hitting the running goals, but I’m not THAT motivated. I should probably just be happy with my small successes.


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