June 2012

Well, it’s happened again, nearly an entire month has elapsed since my last post. In the meantime, Ken’s dad came to visit, I went to Washington for Bekah’s graduation, one of our closets flooded from excessive rain, the garage flooded from a leaky faucet, Ken installed new plumbing in the garage, including a timed sprinkler valve so I don’t have to water the garden any more, we moved everything out of the upstairs and started stripping the ceiling, I finished the throw pillow covers, Cosmo destroyed one of the window blinds, we saw the transit of Venus, bugs ate nearly the entire garden, I killed all the bugs and the garden has once again emerged triumphant, some animal completely stripped the apricot tree of fruit, I went mountain biking with my boss and didn’t die, I played piano for a memorial service (nobody I knew), and it’s been ridiculously hot (over 100 at least twice already). That about sums it up. I’ll see you in another month….

Haha, thought you could get rid of me that fast? No way. You haven’t been subjected to vacation pictures yet. Don’t worry, I don’t have many.

Look, it’s this girl! We were about to embark on the quintessential early summer Washington activity: a canoe trip with a bag of freshly picked cherries.

There she is graduating! That was a two hour graduation. We must all love her.

See the love?

Ice cream after the marathon graduation.

He’s probably letting her know that he has RAINBOW ice cream. The rest of us were wondering where the other half of the rainbow was and whether anything that vibrant could possibly taste good.


The next day we went on a hike and found a rope swing! I was not overly successful in picking camera settings.

At least they look blurrily happy! I tried it too, but the incriminating pictures of me haven’t surfaced yet.

Unpictured are a graduation party, my second ultimate Frisbee experience, a couple of plunges in the Columbia, the tick feasting on Mom, Father’s day festivities for Dad and Grandpa, a couple of runs with my parent’s dog, and a very chilly and short river float with Bekah.

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June 2012
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