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Weekend re-cap

I had a very productive weekend. That is what I like in a weekend: productivity.

Made (mostly Ken here, but I helped) and cleaned up from a BBQ for the whole department
Cleaned out (and vacuumed!) the car
Topped off various vehicle fluids
Re-insulated the car’s exhaust hangers
Swept the garage
Stuffed the cats into their carrier for acclimation twice.
Did all the normal weekly stuff: cat boxes, laundry, bathroom, kitchen floors
Returned a non-functioning item to Walmart (on bicycles, so that counts as exercise!)
Fixed my laptop cord by soldering two broken ones together (all by myself!)
Played music for church with friends
Made food – BBQ on Friday, steak and eggs for breakfast Saturday, biscuits and gravy for Easter breakfast at church, angel food cake, mushroom risotto, candied yams, asparagus, fruit salad, ham, and some teensy lamb chops for Easter dinner.
Went for a walk (sorely needed after all that food)
Watched the rest of 30 Rock Season 2 which needed to be returned to the library.
Listened to the tail end of Anne of the Island while looking at pictures taken by sewer/subway explorers. Weird combination of activities, I know.
Talked to Mom on the phone about their trip to come visit (Which is in only 2 weeks!!!!)

Not bad.

Up this week:
Preparing bikes for a bike-camping trip (I got ridiculous new bar-tape for my bike, and I can’t wait to see how silly it looks with it.)
Maybe packing a few boxes?
Dinner with our roommate
Cutting Ken’s hair? It is getting a bit ridiculous…
Orchestra on Thursday (if I get tickets).
Heading to Pittsburgh to go bike-camping!!! Hope it stops raining.


Les Miserables

I’ve wanted to see this musical since I spent several months of my life playing trombone with my back to it in high school. I did NOT have the right instrument for that part. It’s technically possible to play those low notes on an F-attachment trombone, but a bass would be been MUCH more useful. The guy who played the trombone part last night at the performance at Playhouse Square had incredible volume. He must have been miked?

So I finally saw it, and loved every second of it except the ones where Jean Valjean was singing falsetto. The man had an incredible baritone voice, but he just didn’t quite have the high bits. That part must be a really hard part to sing though, because it’s all quiet and sad way up high. It didn’t sound bad, it just didn’t sound as good as everything else. I think that Eponine and the head student guy whose name I never remember were best. Frijoles? No, those are beans in Spanish. We’ll call him Ian, because his hair looked just like my friend the sophomore, Ian. Ian was good. Is the point.

I coughed up the extra 20 bucks for us to get seats that weren’t the very cheapest and I bought tickets ages ago, so we could actually see the whole stage. It was great. Ken’s little binoculars were still handy to have for proper viewing of young Javert’s eyebrows though. They were a sight not to be missed.

Anyway, going to see a show at Playhouse Square caused me to feel the second teensy tiny twinge of sadness about leaving Cleveland. (The first was the thought of leaving my house, which is the perfect layout for us, excepting the miniscule kitchen and the location in Cleveland with a postage stamp sized yard.) I’m pretty sure wherever we end up on the west coast won’t have the ridiculously gorgeous and ornate theaters like Playhouse Square. However, they probably will have more bathrooms, so that’s a plus. When I got in line for the bathroom at intermission there were 9 people waiting ahead of me. When I came out of the bathroom the line had extended all the way out of the bathroom, around the corner, across the entire foyer, and then bent and went along the other wall of the foyer. I’m sure that not all those women got to go before the intermission was done.

Lunchtime rant

Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but it seems to me that your sole duty as a member of congress is to keep the country running. This includes coming to an agreement on a budget in time. Not more than 6 months after the fiscal year has started.

This was quoted in a Yahoo article. “Our bill is simple: If we cannot do our work and keep the government functioning, we should not receive a paycheck,” the Senate Democrats wrote to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). “If we cannot compromise and meet each other halfway, then we should not be paid.”

Sounds good to me. Everyone else gets fired if they can’t do their job.

If the government does shut down, then Ken’s dad (my father in-law I guess, how odd) is coming to stay with us next week. Also, I’m assuming the DoD set aside the funds for my fellowship back in 2008. Otherwise this private contractor doesn’t get paid. That’s right, I’m a private contractor to the US government for tax purposes. Pretty special, huh?

To end on an un-related and non cranky note, we got to go see Les Miserables tonight! I am SO excited!

This is not, perhaps, the most interesting post of all time.

Friday night was supposed to be the last chance to beat one of my favorite people in Cleveland at Risk, but he didn’t show up to his own party, so I just ended up loosing Risk to a new guy who goes to my church.

On Saturday Ken and I went out to Reagan Park in Medina and did some mountain biking. There was an unfortunate incident with a piece of barbed wire and then me forgetting I didn’t have car keys and a break for dinner, but all in all it was a good ride. After riding we headed out to Blossom for a Canadian Brass concert. I loved every second of it except for a few during their excerpts from Porgy and Bess. Gershwin isn’t my favorite.

We got out to the car to discover that the exhaust mount had snapped off. Thank you Cleveland potholes. Ken tied it up with some nylon rope, which he proclaimed wouldn’t melt when I asked. Sure enough, 10 miles down the road on the highway we had to pull over because it had melted through. I found some wire in the back of the car and he wired it up by the side of the road in what must be the only dark place in north eastern Ohio.

Sunday was the usual church, although I had to get a ride with my friends who are moving out of state this week and therefore will no longer be available for last minute rides. I am going to have to set up a car breakdown hotline with the other pianist at church, because it happens often enough.

On Monday evening Ken fixed the car while I helped my friends pack for their move across the country.

On Tuesday my experiment I’ve been working on for weeks was a miserable failure, then I installed the new wiring harness in the car for the new head unit (CD/radio/mp3 input) that I got Ken for his birthday. It appeared to work fine, but after I unplugged it (The center console is getting completely replaced, so I didn’t actually install the new part) something shorted and it blew the passenger compartment fuse. Guess I know what I’ll be doing tonight.

It’s nearly 11 AM and I’m still in my pajamas avoiding cleaning the house

  • I bought a three-pack of Dentyne gum to stash at work. The flavors are Peppermint, Spearmint, and Arctic Chill. Peppermint and Spearmint are labeled “Artificially flavored.” The Arctic Chill is not. What??
  • Normally when Ken forces me to buy that dry cardboard bread, we each eat two sandwiches out of the loaf (8 slices) and then the rest sits there and goes moldy because I don’t like it and Ken doesn’t really eat bread. He’s more of an ice-cream and pasta type. I think if there was a dish that combined those two, it might be his favorite food ever. Today I have decided to nip the mold in the bud and have cut the rest of the (dry and disgusting) loaf into bread cubes. What can I make with bread cubes? All I can think of are stuffing, bread pudding, and croutons. I plan to make some croutons, but we don’t need THAT many.
  • My church is instituting some big changes – which is good – and apparently one of them is to change up the order of worship. I learned this three days ago thought it was a good idea. However, I’m apparently highly subconsciously disturbed by it. The last two nights I have had vivid and awful dreams about playing piano and the order of worship being new and making mistakes.
  • I bought curtains for my front windows last night. (Thanks grandparents.) Now passers by can’t see everything that goes on on the first floor of the house. And the curtains are awesome and it didn’t take me countless hours of sewing to make them. Sometimes pre-made goods ARE the answer. It’s better if they’re used, but I already checked at the thrift store and there was nothing.

Home, home on the Yakima

Four weeks from this very moment I will be on my way home. This is ridiculously exciting and I CAN’T WAIT. Here’s what I’m going to do when I’m home.

  • Ski – I’m already checking snow reports every day. It’s an illness. (White pass opens for every day operation tomorrow, btw.)
  • Not have to clean up any cat leavings.
  • Get my hair cut – Hello, sisters and mother, who wants to cut it? It desperately needs trimming and layering. Ken gave it a try a few months ago, but he’s too focused on wanting it to be long, so he didn’t really cut enough off.
  • Hang out with my family – So far Lauren and I are going bra shopping…   Ugh.  Sounds terrible. Hopefully we’ll find something a little more fun to do.
  • See some friends who I haven’t seen in a while. Like a two year while!
  • Wash dishes with less frequency than every other day, and put them in a DISHWASHER.  It’ll be magical.
  • Make my family cook me spaghetti and strawberry fluff for my birthday.
  • Go to WinCo (best grocery store IN THE WORLD).  Hold up the mangers at gunpoint until they decide to open a store in Cleveland.  Proceed to buy everything they have that comes in bulk.  Just because I can.
  • Enjoy the ability to look out the window and NOT see another house eight feet away.
  • Eat authentic Mexican food.  Look out, Tri-Cities taco trucks.
  • Drive on roads that have been paved more recently than 1979.
  • Drive the car that was previously mine.
  • Play with a dog.
  • Hike to the top of something.  This is inevitable when with my family.  I think it’s genetic.
  • Wait in horrible agony to see whether my family will like their Christmas presents.  (Um.  Dad, at this point you don’t get one.  Send suggestions?)
  • Go to a church where people other than me sing.
  • See my dad’s new motorcycle.
  • Run my first 10k race.

December 17 can not possibly come soon enough.

Beethoven’s Wig

This is incredible. I heard them on Car Talk and never have I heard such a lovely rendition of the Moonlight Sonata. Car Talk and the Moonlight Sonata are not often mentioned in the same breath, so you know you have to check it out. I may have to purchase a CD.

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