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Good ol’ bullet points

  • I got a strawberry augua fresca at a street fair on old Rt 66 and it’s my new favorite drink. I’m pretty sure it’s water, crushed strawberries, and sugar. Delicious.
  • If the past two churches we’ve visited have been any indication, the Presbyterian church (USA) will be approximately 1/8th its current size in 15 years.
  • We had a house inspection on Friday. There are a few minor issues that we hope the sellers will either fix or give us the money that was written into the contract to fix potential problems. Septic, well, and insect inspections are supposed to be this week. I’ve been refusing to think about this house as ours, because that way if it falls through I won’t be disappointed, but soon I’m going to be unable to suppress the excitement.
  • Apparently you need to have 3 sources of credit to get a mortgage. We both have really great credit ratings (from one card each), but that’s not enough. We’re having to get letters from our landlord and auto insurance provider to count as credit lines. So we should have made our lives more difficult by getting more than one credit card therefore increasing the chances of forgetting a payment, or we should have lived outside our means by leasing a car instead of driving old beaters, because that means that we are more responsible and credit-worthy. Seems to me that something’s wrong with that picture.
  • Our stuff is getting moved out of Cleveland tomorrow, and Ken’s BMW is getting picked up on Tuesday. I cannot wait to be re-united with my bicycles and have a few more clothes available so I’m not continually doing laundry. But that’s all I miss. Guess we don’t need too much stuff!

July begins

Last trip to the park in Cleveland. Goodbye and good riddance!

I’m sure we’ll miss all this wet stuff in Albuquerque though.

We flew to Portland on the 4th of July, where Dad and Mom met us and flew us home.

You can buy this airplane. It’s for sale. Wouldn’t you like to be able to see views like this? Dad would love to sell it to you.

In which I lack patience

I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever to be able to write a post that’s all, “Hey guys, I accepted a job in Albuquerque and we’re moving tomorrow!”

However. The theme of the month of June has been patience and I still haven’t heard from the relocation company, despite calling people to try to figure out what’s going on. I have, at least, signed the paperwork to accept a postdoc position (two weeks ago) and we will be moving… someday. We are excited!

In the meantime I’ve been unemployed. I went to interviews and finished up some stuff at school for the first two weeks of June, and the past two weeks I’ve been dinking about the house waiting for the phone to ring. I’ve packed a few things, fixed a couple of bikes, helped a friend with some stuff, had people over for dinner, fixed my bread maker, told a million people that “No, I still don’t know when we’re moving”, resisted buying groceries because “we’re gonna move”, and tried to avoid the feeling that we are actually never ever going to move and will certainly be stuck here in Cleveland in the humidity forever amen.

So life’s exciting and we won’t be living in a cardboard box as Ken had feared, but we are both beyond antsy to actually move forward after two weeks of waiting.

Les Miserables

I’ve wanted to see this musical since I spent several months of my life playing trombone with my back to it in high school. I did NOT have the right instrument for that part. It’s technically possible to play those low notes on an F-attachment trombone, but a bass would be been MUCH more useful. The guy who played the trombone part last night at the performance at Playhouse Square had incredible volume. He must have been miked?

So I finally saw it, and loved every second of it except the ones where Jean Valjean was singing falsetto. The man had an incredible baritone voice, but he just didn’t quite have the high bits. That part must be a really hard part to sing though, because it’s all quiet and sad way up high. It didn’t sound bad, it just didn’t sound as good as everything else. I think that Eponine and the head student guy whose name I never remember were best. Frijoles? No, those are beans in Spanish. We’ll call him Ian, because his hair looked just like my friend the sophomore, Ian. Ian was good. Is the point.

I coughed up the extra 20 bucks for us to get seats that weren’t the very cheapest and I bought tickets ages ago, so we could actually see the whole stage. It was great. Ken’s little binoculars were still handy to have for proper viewing of young Javert’s eyebrows though. They were a sight not to be missed.

Anyway, going to see a show at Playhouse Square caused me to feel the second teensy tiny twinge of sadness about leaving Cleveland. (The first was the thought of leaving my house, which is the perfect layout for us, excepting the miniscule kitchen and the location in Cleveland with a postage stamp sized yard.) I’m pretty sure wherever we end up on the west coast won’t have the ridiculously gorgeous and ornate theaters like Playhouse Square. However, they probably will have more bathrooms, so that’s a plus. When I got in line for the bathroom at intermission there were 9 people waiting ahead of me. When I came out of the bathroom the line had extended all the way out of the bathroom, around the corner, across the entire foyer, and then bent and went along the other wall of the foyer. I’m sure that not all those women got to go before the intermission was done.

Ok, fine. I’m posting pictures.

What better way to kill three hours in the Seattle Airport with it’s wonderful free (and incredibly fast) wifi than to upload some pictures people have been bothering me to upload? So here’s the honeymoon in condensed form. You might imagine that having a new and awesome camera leads to LOTS of pictures. And it did. Most of them were from Ken, who insists on taking three every time he wants to take one. He loves the shutter sound. I can’t complain too much, because I do too, and I get to hear it three times when he’s got the camera. So what if I have to delete triplicates of blurry pictures later?

Anyway, the honeymoon started out with The Flu, which I mentioned before. Here I kill time while hanging in the hotel room as Ken burns with a 103 fever by experimenting with depth of field on a thermometer. Very artistic, right?

San-Diego sunrise as seen from the bus stop. We saw it every day we were at the conference. It was beautiful, but a little more sleep would not have been unwelcome.

Our lunch spot outside of the conference center. Could have been worse!

They have flowers in San Diego! Tons of them. They were everywhere. It was a bit of a shock to us coming from Cleveland. We had at least another month until flowers at that point. Maybe two, if winter keeps up as it has been. Photobucket

He DOES smile in pictures! Actually, the most useful feature of this new camera may just be it’s ability to take multiple shots in a second, allowing me to actually capture his adorable smile. This one does look a little bit forced though.

So there’s a picture missing here. I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of us and Ken’s grandparents, who thoughtfully took us out to dinner at a very cool restaurant and gave us wedding presents. We had a lovely time with them, and I feel stupid for not thinking of a picture.

After the conference we went to the zoo for free thanks to Ken’s parent’s membership. Ken made friends with this huge and handsome bird.

Next stop, the beach! We did go swimming, all the way under, and it wasn’t actually THAT cold. I’ve swum in colder, certainly.

Next stop, the Anza-Borrego Desert. This photo isn’t perhaps as striking as it ought to be because I haven’t posted any which show you what most of the desert looks like. We hiked 3 miles up to this palm oasis, and it was incredible the difference from the rest. Once you got in amongst those palms it was like you were in the tropics. We were dying from the heat outside of the palm trees and stream. It must have been well over 80 and we were NOT used to it.

Cactus flowers. There’ll be more desert flower pictures on Facebook eventually. Anza-Borrego is so beautiful.

We hiked The Slot. It got pretty narrow in some places!

I think this wins the prize for the biggest cactus we saw. Again, there’ll be more cactus pictures on Facebook eventually. There were some very interesting ones.

And then we went back to Cleveland and the next day, or maybe two days later (it’s all obscured in a haze of LaTex and deep thoughts about viscosity in shear bands) it dumped 8 inches of snow on Cleveland overnight and kept snowing. I was hoping to end up this post with a picture of the snow, but I don’t have that picture on this laptop, and in my great foresight I already transferred them off of the camera card onto a different hard drive. So just imagine me in my bright orange jacket in 8 inches of snow.

Catching up


I am, in fact, still living. Actually, that’s really the problem. I’m too busy living to have time to do the blogging thing.

Quick catch up on the past several weeks:

1. We had a lovely backpacking trip and I didn’t freeze to death or become overly wet.
2. The weather finally cooled down so that it’s only above 80 occasionally. I love it.
3. Ken bought me about 50% of a 1960s road bike. It was a surprise and I didn’t believe him then I felt like a jerk.
4. I have ordered all the necessary parts for said road bike and it’s wonderful because I’ve been getting a package every day!
5. A huge swarm of bugs descended on Cleveland and collected in my house every night for two weeks. I must have vacuumed up about a thousand of them. I thought I left the bugs behind when I moved away from the river.
6. We had a congregational meeting and the church isn’t doing as badly as it could be.
7. We went mountain biking two days in a row, anticipating racing in October. All was well until Ken caught a root wrong and went over the handlebars and landed in a patch of poison ivy on a particularly nasty switchback. Nothing seriously injured unless you count a very sore and bruised shoulder and needing to purchase a new helmet.
8. After all that I found out the other pianist on church can’t play on that particular Sunday in October because her son is getting married, so no racing for us. What sort of an excuse is that? Why do they make these local races on Sunday mornings anyway? Dumb.
9.While mountain biking (an hour from home) the car ran out of electrons. Limped to Walmart for a new battery, then spent the rest of the week rebuilding an alternator and trying to install new control arms.
10. I found out my friend is pregnant and am overcome with the weirdness of it all. There will be a baby interrupting our lovely rides together in the spring?!?
11. I talked to my sister for the first time since June.
12. We went self-guided white water rafting in Pennsylvania and that will definitely have it’s own post because it was an EXPERIENCE.
13. I have since been scouring Craigslist for a kayak. Anyone have a Wavesport Diesel 65, spray skirt, and paddle they’ve been wanting to unload?
14. Last night was designated for cleaning because the house is more of a disaster than it has ever been before, but those plans were scrapped when one of Ken’s friends called and asked if we wanted to go sailing. Let me tell you, Cleveland has never looked so beautiful as it did from a 25 foot sailboat by the light of the almost full moon. There was a nice steady breeze – really too much for the boat, and it was a balmy 80 degrees. It was amazing. Don’t think I want a boat like that though.
15. Yesterday I tried a scaled down Crossfit workout for the first time. I have a feeling you’ll be hearing about this topic again.
15. Tonight begins the annual baking of THE CAKE. I thought I’d posted the recipe I’ve been using for Ken’s birthday cake, but I can’t find it in the archives. It’s one that ought to be shared, so maybe I’ll do that. Don’t count on it though.

This is not, perhaps, the most interesting post of all time.

Friday night was supposed to be the last chance to beat one of my favorite people in Cleveland at Risk, but he didn’t show up to his own party, so I just ended up loosing Risk to a new guy who goes to my church.

On Saturday Ken and I went out to Reagan Park in Medina and did some mountain biking. There was an unfortunate incident with a piece of barbed wire and then me forgetting I didn’t have car keys and a break for dinner, but all in all it was a good ride. After riding we headed out to Blossom for a Canadian Brass concert. I loved every second of it except for a few during their excerpts from Porgy and Bess. Gershwin isn’t my favorite.

We got out to the car to discover that the exhaust mount had snapped off. Thank you Cleveland potholes. Ken tied it up with some nylon rope, which he proclaimed wouldn’t melt when I asked. Sure enough, 10 miles down the road on the highway we had to pull over because it had melted through. I found some wire in the back of the car and he wired it up by the side of the road in what must be the only dark place in north eastern Ohio.

Sunday was the usual church, although I had to get a ride with my friends who are moving out of state this week and therefore will no longer be available for last minute rides. I am going to have to set up a car breakdown hotline with the other pianist at church, because it happens often enough.

On Monday evening Ken fixed the car while I helped my friends pack for their move across the country.

On Tuesday my experiment I’ve been working on for weeks was a miserable failure, then I installed the new wiring harness in the car for the new head unit (CD/radio/mp3 input) that I got Ken for his birthday. It appeared to work fine, but after I unplugged it (The center console is getting completely replaced, so I didn’t actually install the new part) something shorted and it blew the passenger compartment fuse. Guess I know what I’ll be doing tonight.

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