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We spent one day moving the Porsche to a new temporary home.

Then… We went to the Oregon coast, where we proceeded to get sunburnt! Don’t know if I’ve ever done that before at the Oregon coast! It was beautiful.

Wasn’t too warm though. Even Our Dad is wearing his sweatshirt.

I love this picture.

Mother-daughter affection.

It must have been REALLY warm here though. Isn’t my Mom pretty?

Dear Lisa, learn about depth of field so that your lovely sisters aren’t out of focus in otherwise great photos.



An epic Risk game with some parental units. I lost miserably.

We are so distinguished!

The bike camping trip.

Most miserable backpacking trip in my memory. Black flies, mud, humidity, thunderstorm, high winds that knocked over trees onto boats. Horrible.

Friday at lunchtime

I wrote up this beautiful post about my angel food cake, but it’s meant to have pictures in it and once again finding time to get them off of the camera and onto the internet eludes me. Maybe next week? I know you’re all on the edges of your seats.

With Laura as my inspiration, I made grapefruit curd with the egg yolks. It’s really good, but I haven’t quite figured out what it goes best with. So far I’ve tried it on the angel food cake (too sweet), by itself (good, but so rich and sweet you can really only have a few bites), and in malt-o-meal (random? Yes, but that was one tasty bowl of malt-o-meal). I think it would be best over top of a not too sweet vanilla ice cream. Home-made vanilla ice cream would be perfect. Too bad Ken hasn’t found a good deal on the ice-cream maker he wants yet.

I’ve finished first drafts of 2 papers at work, and hope to get another paper to 1st draftable condition this afternoon. I’ve also applied for some more jobs, since I have heard very little back from anybody about the ones I’ve already applied for. I hope whatever job I get won’t require just sitting at a computer all day every day, because I’m getting pretty antsy.

Tonight we leave for Pittsburgh and our second bike-camping adventure, which I’m pretty sure is going to be less intense than our first. I hope so anyway, because I am in far worse shape this year. On the other hand, I now have fancy-dancy clipless pedals on a beautiful old french touring bike so it should make 38 miles of mostly flat riding a joy. The weather is supposed to be nice (only 40% chance of thunderstorms) and we’re going with our outdoor adventuring friends. I’m excited!

Weekend re-cap

I had a very productive weekend. That is what I like in a weekend: productivity.

Made (mostly Ken here, but I helped) and cleaned up from a BBQ for the whole department
Cleaned out (and vacuumed!) the car
Topped off various vehicle fluids
Re-insulated the car’s exhaust hangers
Swept the garage
Stuffed the cats into their carrier for acclimation twice.
Did all the normal weekly stuff: cat boxes, laundry, bathroom, kitchen floors
Returned a non-functioning item to Walmart (on bicycles, so that counts as exercise!)
Fixed my laptop cord by soldering two broken ones together (all by myself!)
Played music for church with friends
Made food – BBQ on Friday, steak and eggs for breakfast Saturday, biscuits and gravy for Easter breakfast at church, angel food cake, mushroom risotto, candied yams, asparagus, fruit salad, ham, and some teensy lamb chops for Easter dinner.
Went for a walk (sorely needed after all that food)
Watched the rest of 30 Rock Season 2 which needed to be returned to the library.
Listened to the tail end of Anne of the Island while looking at pictures taken by sewer/subway explorers. Weird combination of activities, I know.
Talked to Mom on the phone about their trip to come visit (Which is in only 2 weeks!!!!)

Not bad.

Up this week:
Preparing bikes for a bike-camping trip (I got ridiculous new bar-tape for my bike, and I can’t wait to see how silly it looks with it.)
Maybe packing a few boxes?
Dinner with our roommate
Cutting Ken’s hair? It is getting a bit ridiculous…
Orchestra on Thursday (if I get tickets).
Heading to Pittsburgh to go bike-camping!!! Hope it stops raining.

Winter camping

This was written at lunch time on Monday, but I realized I wanted to put a few pictures in from the weekend and decided to wait to post it until I got home. And now it’s Sunday. Such is life.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone reading this has the opportunity to consume chocolate. I got Ken a pair of shoes. Nothing says romance like having dry feet for a change.

I talked to my advisor on Friday, and he’s disappointed that I couldn’t get the experiments to work, but sounds like he’s ready to let me finish them up and concentrate on writing. So, I have a week and a half to finish a poster, make and practice a presentation, and get as much dissertation written as humanly possible. Sunday Edit: At this point, as much dissertation as humanly possible = 2 pages. But I fixed some problems in what was already written, so it may not be longer, but it’s higher quality!

I took the weekend off of dissertating to go camping. Yes, it’s February in Ohio. I was not hugely excited about it, but Ken and our camping buddy Jason have been planning this for months so I was determined to try to enjoy myself. It turned out to be fun! It didn’t get too cold (Friday night low of 25, Saturday night low of 27) and thanks to Jason we had a ton of wood to burn to stay warm.
We ate a lot of good food.
We explored the frozen arctic on skis. Ok, I guess it’s just a frozen lake, but it was pretty neat.
We the guys built their signature giant fire.

It was a very relaxing trip and good to stop working for a few days.
The big news for today is that the temperature is currently 38 and I rode nearly the entire way to school on wet pavement! If this keeps up as forecast the snow that’s been on the ground since the first week of January will be gone! Edited to say: It was in the 50s (!!!) all week, and the snow is mostly gone except for a few big piles.

Backpacking pictures

Remember how I said we went backpacking with my friend Jason in Pennsylvania? Here’s pictures.

How on earth am I going to fit all of this stuff into two backpacks?

And all this stuff too. Not the packing tape though. Shouldn’t need to send any packages from the wilderness.

Look! We found Jason and the trailhead and did manage to fit everything in the packs.

Jason just brought a hammock and a tarp instead of a tent. It didn’t start raining until just after I took this picture, and then I was delighted that Ken had insisted on bringing the huge tarp.

A natural bench for resting on day 2.

Reservoir on day 2.

Someone’s attempt to get this Christmas tree to sleep with the fishes didn’t go quite as planned.

It wouldn’t be a camping trip with Jason and Ken without a larger fire than necessary. I just noticed that Ken’s hair may also be larger than necessary.

I apologize for the blurry-washedoutedness of this photo, but I think it properly conveys the fact that Jason is at least 20 feet up in the air in a fallen tree. It was my idea, but I was too chicken to make it more than about 10 ft up.

Catching up


I am, in fact, still living. Actually, that’s really the problem. I’m too busy living to have time to do the blogging thing.

Quick catch up on the past several weeks:

1. We had a lovely backpacking trip and I didn’t freeze to death or become overly wet.
2. The weather finally cooled down so that it’s only above 80 occasionally. I love it.
3. Ken bought me about 50% of a 1960s road bike. It was a surprise and I didn’t believe him then I felt like a jerk.
4. I have ordered all the necessary parts for said road bike and it’s wonderful because I’ve been getting a package every day!
5. A huge swarm of bugs descended on Cleveland and collected in my house every night for two weeks. I must have vacuumed up about a thousand of them. I thought I left the bugs behind when I moved away from the river.
6. We had a congregational meeting and the church isn’t doing as badly as it could be.
7. We went mountain biking two days in a row, anticipating racing in October. All was well until Ken caught a root wrong and went over the handlebars and landed in a patch of poison ivy on a particularly nasty switchback. Nothing seriously injured unless you count a very sore and bruised shoulder and needing to purchase a new helmet.
8. After all that I found out the other pianist on church can’t play on that particular Sunday in October because her son is getting married, so no racing for us. What sort of an excuse is that? Why do they make these local races on Sunday mornings anyway? Dumb.
9.While mountain biking (an hour from home) the car ran out of electrons. Limped to Walmart for a new battery, then spent the rest of the week rebuilding an alternator and trying to install new control arms.
10. I found out my friend is pregnant and am overcome with the weirdness of it all. There will be a baby interrupting our lovely rides together in the spring?!?
11. I talked to my sister for the first time since June.
12. We went self-guided white water rafting in Pennsylvania and that will definitely have it’s own post because it was an EXPERIENCE.
13. I have since been scouring Craigslist for a kayak. Anyone have a Wavesport Diesel 65, spray skirt, and paddle they’ve been wanting to unload?
14. Last night was designated for cleaning because the house is more of a disaster than it has ever been before, but those plans were scrapped when one of Ken’s friends called and asked if we wanted to go sailing. Let me tell you, Cleveland has never looked so beautiful as it did from a 25 foot sailboat by the light of the almost full moon. There was a nice steady breeze – really too much for the boat, and it was a balmy 80 degrees. It was amazing. Don’t think I want a boat like that though.
15. Yesterday I tried a scaled down Crossfit workout for the first time. I have a feeling you’ll be hearing about this topic again.
15. Tonight begins the annual baking of THE CAKE. I thought I’d posted the recipe I’ve been using for Ken’s birthday cake, but I can’t find it in the archives. It’s one that ought to be shared, so maybe I’ll do that. Don’t count on it though.

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