We’re having another kid! Like, tomorrow.

I’ve been doing some sewing lately.  Don’t show this picture to Anna, these are Christmas presents, but notice how there’s a 2 year old size and a baby size?  That’s because there’s a baby due either tomorrow or the next day!


I didn’t really intend for it to be an internet secret, but that’s how it happened because it turns out being pregnant with a toddler and a job is busy and somewhat exhausting!

I managed to find time to make him/her (another surprise baby – it’s in-utero name is Rupert) a stocking.   It’s just awaiting the arrival so I know what name to embroider on the top.  It will not be Rupert.  Also, check out that 39 week and 5 days belly encroaching on the picture!


I was also going to buy a ring sling, because the rumor is you can nurse in them, which would be amazing if it turns out to be true, but then I figured out that it’s way cheaper and actually super easy to sew one, so I did.  I think I spent $18, although I did get the fabric on a pretty amazing sale.  Ken and Anna are big fans of it, I’m a bit afraid Anna’s going to be more than a little upset that the new baby gets to use it and not her.

20171202_170139This pregnancy has been harder than the first, in some ways.  I was a lot more “morning” (all the time) sick for a lot longer than I was the first time.  I was nauseous before I knew I was pregnant and it stuck around until like 20 weeks.  It was really incapacitating.  This baby is also much more violent than Anna (everyone says that means boy), so my innards have been beat up considerably more.  On the other hand, towards the end of the pregnancy with Anna, they thought her heart was sounding funny, so we had to do an ultrasound to check her out, and my blood pressure was high once, so they were worried about that, and we haven’t had any of those problems so far.

I’ve been frantically finishing up things at work,  we’ve been doing some serious cleaning/rearranging at home, and I’ve been trying to do a few fun things with Anna all by herself before we have an infant encroaching.   I love how much she’s concentrating to get that cookie cut out.


Whew.  Actually got this post written before the baby arrived.  Stay tuned for baby announcement hopefully in the next few days!


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