September 2016

My sister has been writing blog posts after a long hiatus (, in case you want to read about her super interesting life in Egypt), and she is inspiring me.  So here’s another attempt at getting caught up on the last year.

My father-in-law sent us a box of avocados from his tree last summer.  Anna was a big fan, and we’re still eating the mashed up avocados from the freezer.  Delicious!  Also, she was tiny and precious and adorable.  Now she’s big and precious and adorable.  Also, blond.  Probably I’ll post pictures of her from now by next June, so stay tuned…

2016 (637)

Then…  We went back to WA for another wedding.  This time, Sara and Michael! Look at how adorable they are.

2016 (661)

Their wedding was in Spokane, so we got to drive for about an hour and meet up with my childhood best friend.  She and I look cheesy, but Anna is looking good, as usual.  Hopefully she remains so photogenic as she gets older.

2016 (659)

Looking good at the rehearsal dinner.

2016 (660)

Seesters!  Do we look alike?  We’re missing one, she was stuck dutifully teaching her students in Egypt.

2016 (665)

Sara got married on Lauren’s birthday, so we had a birthday breakfast for her.

2016 (667)

Look!  That is Ben, Bekah’s husband.  I told you he exists!  Also, he’s good with babies… Anna’s been a fan every time she’s met him.

2016 (677)

It was an evening wedding, the reception was outside, and my photography skills are not adequate for taking pictures under such circumstances, so this is my only picture of us in wedding finery.   And with that, all 5 of us are married.  Whew!

2016 (682)

And since we started this post with a picture of Anna eating produce last summer, here’s one to close it out.  I harvested those red tomatoes, she harvested the green ones, then proceeded to eat the red ones.  Oh well, at least she likes vegetables!

2016 (699)



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