It’s been almost a year

What can I say? This happened the day after this kid started crawling, which was shortly after my last post was published. Turns out having a mobile kid sort of eats up your leisure time.

 photo 2016 489_zpsju0h4ixf.jpg

We’ve done a lot of traveling and had a lot of visits from family.
First, Mom came back from Oklahoma with us to watch Anna for a couple of weeks and test our soil. It was all very alkaline, if you were wondering.
 photo IMG_9071_zpskkr5kavw.jpg

Anna went on her first camping trip to the Sangre de Christos.
 photo 2016 496_zpskk14lhte.jpg

Ken’s sister and brother-in-law came to visit us and the Grand Canyon, and we gave them a horrible stomach bug. Sorry guys!
 photo 2016 460_zpsuny5j5ah.jpg

We went to WA for my sister Bekah’s wedding to Ben – I have a picture of Bekah, but none of Ben. He was there at his wedding, believe it or not.
 photo 2016 545_zpsxxwiflmk.jpg

The Egyptian sister also made an appearance.
 photo 2016 542_zpszd9s64sx.jpg

 photo 2016 552_zpsk7oubo9r.jpg

After the wedding my parents and sister drove up to Banff with us for a fantastic vacation.
 photo 2016 569_zpssaxujww6.jpg

 photo 2016 582_zpsewjonpqx.jpg

Ken and I left them and took a few days to take Anna to visit Ken’s grandpa Larry and his aunt, uncle, and cousins in Edmonton.
 photo 2016 594_zpst386brsh.jpg

Then it was out to Jasper for some more incredible views.

 photo 2016 617_zpsjwuw3afp.jpg

We had a quick visit with Ken’s parents and brother back in WA, then home.
 photo 2016 630_zpsyzb6z4y1.jpg

 photo 2016 631_zpscbvrcwxb.jpg

We took a quick weekend trip to Mesa Verde.
 photo 2016 645_zpsil0ngiki.jpg

 photo 2016 652_zpsceeedgil.jpg

And that brings us to the end of the summer, which is probably enough for one post. The other thing that we did at the end of the summer was stopped using cloth diapers sometime around 9 months old. The aged poop from daycare was getting to be too much to clean off. I was pleased with our cloth diaper experiment though. I think we saved money. And that is how exciting life gets with a small child. Diapers rank on the same level of excitement as trips to some of the most beautiful places on earth.


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