Catching up on cute baby pictures, because that’s all we take around here these days.

I think this picture sort of sums up our lives. Surrounded by furry beasts and baby toys in our little living room. Delightful! I don’t know where Tesla was. Evidently missing the party.
 photo IMG_8846_zpsigif9y58.jpg

My first Mother’s day with an exterior baby.
 photo IMG_8868_zpsamgis1s4.jpg

Good to the very last drop.
 photo IMG_8879_zpslpkrfnci.jpg

This child has the longest eyelashes!
 photo IMG_8902_zpsuik45syz.jpg

She’s a deep thinker sometimes.
 photo IMG_8907_zpsraofzfr9.jpg

Six month picture. I forgot to print out a sign. I and all my sisters, plus our good friend Zoae wore those pink pants. That makes Anna the 7th baby girl to wear them!
 photo IMG_8926_zpssmuvy1bv.jpg

Nothing is more delightful to this child than a petable animal.
 photo IMG_9063_zpsetlvoze7.jpg

I tried my hand at taking 6 month pictures. I wore this dress in my 6 month pictures. This is the one that I printed out to hang on our wall.
 photo IMG_9107_edit_zpspehctzuz.jpg

But this one is my favorite!
 photo IMG_9177_edit_zpsnbvixnde.jpg

Here’s me: Do we look alike? Thankfully, I don’t think she got my ears.
 photo IMG_91811_zpshvy0athq.jpg

Here’s her dad. He’s not wearing the same dress though. I think he has the funniest eyebrows I’ve ever seen on a baby. But this is coming from someone who evidently had no eyebrows as a baby and is even now somewhat lacking in the visible eyebrow department. Go ahead, scroll back up to the pictures of me as a baby and on Mother’s day. It’s true.
 photo IMG_91831_zpsc2dpk8vk.jpg


1 Response to “Catching up on cute baby pictures, because that’s all we take around here these days.”

  1. 1 bmoozick June 18, 2016 at 1:59 am

    I love the Mother’s Day picture! So cute!

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