We went canoeing. It was a little bit of a fiasco.

We took Anna canoeing sometime before she was 5 months old. Ken’s mom shuttled the car for us and it was a bit of a fiasco getting in because the river was higher than when I had done it before and the nice sloping river bank was under three feet of rushing water. There was a very nice fellow fishing who helped us get launched – he even laid in the mud to hang on to us while we loaded up. Thank you anonymous, kind fisher-gentleman!

 photo IMG_8768_zpshm5vaxdy.jpg

Anna did ok – she wasn’t super happy about the life jacket, which was sort of… large. I think she was pretty hot before the sun went away behind big, threatening clouds. She wouldn’t cry if I was talking to her, but I couldn’t do that and paddle, so Ken was stuck paddling most of the way, and an upriver wind came up near the end and was pushing us back upriver. Did I mention it looked like it was about to pour? Also, the Rio Grande is different than any of the rivers we’re used to paddling, it has a sand bottom and it’s really hard to tell where the main channel is and where it’s super shallow, so we ran aground a couple of times.
 photo IMG_8766_zpsvwhtaqtc.jpg

We made it to the take-out uneventfully and it didn’t even rain on us. It was more of a character building experience than we wanted it to be, but we did see a beaver swimming, so that was very cool.


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