Daycare starts tomorrow

It has been so great having Anna’s grandmas around to take care of her for the past 2.5 months since I went back to work. Ken’s mom came and stayed for 2 months and was super helpful with Anna and above and beyond with the household chores. So big thanks to her and to Ken’s stepdad for enduring missing his wife for 2 months!

 photo IMG_8849_zpszhc2afld.jpg

 photo IMG_8742_zpske96uxa2.jpg

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 photo IMG_8956_zps7xv9nfkv.jpg

My mom was here for about 2 weeks watching Anna and helping us with projects, so thanks to her and to Dad, who was at home working and trying to keep abreast of stupendously producing raspberries and kale without Mom’s help.

 photo IMG_9061_zpsgwmduc64.jpg

One of the projects my chemist Mom helped with: testing 10 soil samples for us. Turns out we have alkaline soil (which we knew) and need phosphorus badly and nitrogen everywhere we haven’t been amending.
 photo IMG_9071_zpskkr5kavw.jpg

I feel much better about Anna going to daycare now than I would have 2.5 months ago. She happily drinks for a bottle, doesn’t need quite as much sleep, and she LOVES people, so I think she’ll do great. Also, a week ago she sprouted a couple of razor sharp little teeth, and it somehow seems like it makes her more ready. She’s not my tiny, helpless baby any more. She can bite people now like a real person!

Anna, please don’t bite anyone at daycare.
 photo IMG_9054_zps9dzujjeh.jpg


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