How to make a free dog bed

Step 1. Decide that your pillows are in terrible shape because you’ve had them since the beginning of time and use money you got from returning generous gifts to your darling child to buy new pillows. Bad parents. But Anna didn’t need anything, and we did. I’m sure we’ll buy her a thing or two in the future to make up for it…
 photo IMG_8750_zpsvhitmk6v.jpg

Step 2. Find the cheap flannel bottom sheet from Target that only lasted through 2.5 winters of use before developing holes and cut it to a reasonable size to encompass all pillows.
 photo IMG_8751_zpszo6fw0zc.jpg

Step 3. Fold right sides together and sew two sides to make a long bag.
 photo IMG_8752_zpsylt8ba6l.jpg

Step 4. Turn right side out, stuff a pillow in, and sew along the bottom.
 photo IMG_8753_zpsrn3onysq.jpg

Step 5. Repeat with another pillow.
 photo IMG_8754_zpsrrf4h5nh.jpg

Step 6. Find that even a partially finished dog bed looks napworthy when you’re a mom with a baby who isn’t sleeping through the night.
 photo IMG_8757_zpstcs2fp2r.jpg

Step 7. Stuff in last pillow and sew it without doing a finished seam because it’s for DOGS and they don’t care about unfinished seams. Feel embarrassed any way and tuck the several inches of unfinished seam under the pillow for the picture.
 photo IMG_8758_zpsbp6vh5jz.jpg

Step 8. Enjoy the sight of both dogs together on the dog bed in the kennel, but never have a camera when they are there.
 photo IMG_8832_zpslwq6gfji.jpg


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