Revisting my to-do list

I’m slightly over halfway through my maternity leave, and I’m SO glad I have another two months to spend with this adorable baby.

 photo IMG_8577_zpsqxbvfcdv.jpg

She got her first round of immunizations earlier in the morning before I took this picture and she was still happy enough to get her picture taken. What a trooper! Of course, half an hour later I think the legs started bothering her, because she screamed bloody murder until 20 minutes after I relented and gave her some Tylenol.

So, what have I been up to? Well, my parents came over Thanksgiving and stayed for quite a while, which was SO nice. I love our life here in NM, but I miss my family. Then we went to WA for 12 days over Christmas and New Years and Anna met her other set of grandparents, and all of her aunts and uncles except the one set who is in Egypt, so that was a pretty efficient trip. And fun.

I know your burning question: How are you doing on that ambitious to-do list? Not great.

1. “I have permission and even encouragement to sell some of Ken’s stuff.” Well, I’ve made minimal progress on this, but one of my co-workers is coming by to see the Porsche this morning. If he doesn’t want it, he’s going to give me a recommendation of which site to use to try to sell it and how to price it. I’ve also got a few things listed on Craigslist, but I think I need to lower the prices, because no interest yet.

2. “I have a couple of boxes of my own stuff I’d like to go through and get rid of” Not done. This would only take like a couple of hours though, so I just need to do it.

3. “The bee hive that Ken made me needs some finishing touches to be ready for bees in the spring.” Nope. Finishing touches on beehives turn out to be tricky with a baby strapped to you, and this kid is not a fan of napping during the day in her crib. Night is ok (thankfully), but during the day she only sleeps if I’m holding her. Thank God for the invention of the front pack for baby napping purposes.

4. “I haven’t sorted pictures for a photo book for some time. I should do that.” Done! I made and ordered two photo books to cover about September 2014 to present day. I even started a baby book for Anna, although I’m thinking I want it to cover a year, so it’s not going to be done any time soon.

5. “I need to get the various closets outfitted with shelves, hanging bars, and doors, and get clothes, linens, toiletries, and cleaning supplies redistributed to their new homes.” Nope nope nope, although I have a plan and wood for one of the closets. However, while Dad was visiting he rewired the upstairs and installed the two new ceiling fan/light combos. They’re so great! Thanks Dad! He also installed a new dishwasher we bought at a Black Friday sale. Our dishes are much cleaner now and the dishwasher matches the oven we put in a couple of years back. Fancy.

Other little things that I have accomplished:
Sewed a little Christmas dress for Anna. So cute!
 photo IMG_8465_zpssmoaouv8.jpg

Put up and taken down all of the Christmas decorations (with Mom and Dad’s help again).
Read stacks of books.
Kept up with work stuff.
Kept the house cleaner than normal and stayed atop laundry. If I’m home, I may as well enjoy a cleanish house!
Taken dogs to the vet and gotten the piano tuned.
Distributed our Christmas card.
Written and distributed thank-you cards to all of our super generous friends who have given Anna things.
Minorly reorganized the kitchen.
Cleaned up the mess that was made when our glass outside table blew over while we were gone and shattered into a million pieces everywhere.

All in all, I think it’s been a success. I don’t know whether the next two months will be more or less productive. On the one hand I am now getting somewhat more sleep. On the other hand, Anna’s going to get more mobile and start to sleep less during the day – although since she sleeps attached to me already not sure that’s going to make a big difference.


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