Anna was one month old when I wrote this

This was written in December, when Anna was approximately a month old. And yes, that is a giant calipers. How else would you expect a couple of engineers to record their daughter’s growth?

 photo IMG_8433_zpskeyabv5v.jpg

The clichéd title to this post would be “Things nobody tells you about birth, motherhood, and babies” – I read a number of those and while they were somewhat helpful (and horrifying in some cases) I believe them to be rather specific to one person’s experience with one baby. So this is a list of things that have surprised me about this whole process so far with this baby. Your experience WILL vary.

How much pee my bladder held immediately after her birth.  They kicked us out to go home four hours after she was born, standard procedure for the place where I had her, but first I had to prove I could pee.  I didn’t really feel like I needed to go when the nurse started to make noises about us getting ready to leave, but like a good patient I promised to try.  My surprise was immense when a volume vastly greater than anything that I had produced in the past several months emerged.  Turns out when the baby vacates there’s immediately more room for the bladder.  Huh.

How cute and fascinating we both find this baby.  Neither of us like babies.  Except we can stare at our daughter like brainless fools for hours without getting bored.  Weird.

How many baby clothes my Mom brought down with her – vintage baby clothes, from when me and my sisters were babies. My youngest sister is 21, I think. Apparently she just stuck stuff in a box and never looked at it again when the youngest grew out of it. I’m grateful, we had very few newborn clothes and Anna needed them for nearly a month.

How universally beloved a small baby is. She was screaming her head off the entire time I was at the grocery store last week and still everyone was adoring her. Another grocery store surprise – the clientele at the grocery store during early afternoon of a non Friday-Sunday is much older and less hurried than that during my normal shopping hours. It’s nice for the tolerance of the screaming baby, but can be frustrating as they move very slowly and take up the entire aisle.

How well I’m dealing with sleep deprivation. I think she is a pretty good sleeper and overall not a very fussy baby, so I’m sure that helps, but I was pretty sure I’d be pretty much completely incapacitated on 6 hours of sleep a night and I’m functioning ok. It could be one of those unskilled and unaware things though where I’m a disaster and I’m just such a disaster that I think I’m ok. However, the empirical evidence is that I haven’t burnt down the house or left the baby behind somewhere yet.


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