I cut my hair and I have a big list of things to do

Lombard’s official due date is tomorrow.  In celebration, I asked Ken to chop off my hair.
 photo 20151118_205850_zpslna5bpvz.jpg

Well, not really.  I’ve been meaning to cut 4 inches off for like a year because it’s rather easier to brush without those 4 inches (cutting my 4 minute hair care routine to 2…), and just haven’t been motivated to do so.  I hear that all your hair falls out after you have a baby, so I figured I may as well cut it before it does that, and if I was going to cut off 4, may as well make it 8 and donate it in case somebody else could use it.
 photo 20151118_214508_zps3ovqqx0r.jpg

In other Lombard-has-not-yet-arrived topics, my plan is to take a long maternity leave.  Well, super long for the US, anyway.  My intention is to go back after Lombard is 4 months old.  I have enough vacation and flex time saved up to be able to take an extra month beyond the 12 weeks FMLA, my manager and co-workers are very supportive, we can afford for me to take the 6 weeks that will be unpaid, and I am very blessed to have the opportunity.

I am exceedingly curious about how the next 4 months will go.  On the one hand is the popular on the internet and modeled by at least one friend view that a newborn completely shuts down your ability to do a single thing until they’re like 4 years old.  On the other hand, I have a plethora of younger sisters, and I don’t recall a new baby making much of a difference in life except that we had to keep small, chokable items off the floor.  Heck, we went cross-country skiing when one of my sisters was a few days old.  Of course, my amazing mother has been called omni-competent and I’m not sure I quite live up to that standard.  Also, this is a first kid.  Ski kid was #4.  My parents knew what they were doing by then.  We won’t have a clue.  My best guess is that we will fall somewhere between those two extremes.

As such, I have a list of things I want to accomplish whilst I am at home.  We will revisit this list come March and see how far off I was.

1.  I have permission and even encouragement to sell some of Ken’s stuff.  That includes 2 engines, a transmission, a car, and numerous other car parts for cars we do not own.  I am SO excited about this.  Hooray for less stuff!

2. I have a couple of boxes of my own stuff I’d like to go through and get rid of – this is more like scrap-book stuff, so I should either put it in one or toss it.

3. The bee hive that Ken made me needs some finishing touches to be ready for bees in the spring.

4. I haven’t sorted pictures for a photo book for some time.  I should do that.

5.  I need to get the various closets outfitted with shelves, hanging bars, and doors, and get clothes, linens, toiletries, and cleaning supplies redistributed to their new homes.

In addition to my personal projects, together Ken and I need to embark on rebuilding the stairs and railings as soon as the truck is functional.  This will be Ken’s design, and probably mostly him fabricating, since I’m no great welder, but I’m sure I can be useful doing demolition, painting etc.

Ambitious?  Probably.  But hey, one must have goals or nothing will get done.


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