2015 garden wrap up

This post is mostly for myself, so next spring I remember this year.

Wild successes:

 photo 20150916_182715_zpshg7rcftj.jpg

Green bell peppers
Jalapeño peppers – plant more next year, we only had 2 plants this year and we LOVE home-made pickled jalepenos.
Poblano peppers – tallest pepper plants I’ve ever seen!

 photo 20151028_180554_zpsct87srzr.jpg

Tomatillos – should have planted more than 2 plants – 3 might be right.
Peas – tallest pea plants I’ve ever seen! Somewhere there’s a picture of me with them up above my waist. Cool spring allowed this, probably a fluke.
Asparagus – every single plant came up again and nobody ate them!

 photo 20150505_194124_zpsfqjl4hnd.jpg

Hollyhocks – pretty pink flowers!
Rhubarb – first harvest this year!
Carrots – haven’t harvested yet, but they look quite healthy.
Watermelon – these are really Ken’s successes
Apple and cherry trees – again, Ken’s.
Herbs – I once again have rosemary coming out of my ears.
Garlic – should have planted more garlic.

 photo 20150505_194056_zpsqeolj1rj.jpg

Compost pile – we actually got an entire heaping wheelbarrow of compost this year! Maybe we’ll get the truck fixed in time to go get leaves from church again to repeat next year. Hahahaha. Little joke there. Maybe my cousin will let us borrow his truck again.

Moderate successes:
Tomatoes – got eaten once, didn’t really thrive, and tomatoes were continually chewed on.
Zucchini – got eaten back more than once.
Cucumbers – eaten.
Patty pan squash – roots eaten – gophers?
Blue corn – failure to thrive.
Swiss chard – got eaten several times, we only really harvested once.

Complete or nearly complete failure:
Beans – got eaten continually.
Okra – got eaten.
Sweet corn – completely pathetic.
Raspberries – all but 1 died.
Cantaloupe – eaten
Lettuce – eaten multiple times.
Onion – never germinated.
Pickling cucumbers – eaten.
Winter squash – eaten.
Beets – only 2 germinated.
Basil – eaten.
Apricots – off year for the tree.
Broccoli – didn’t germinate/planted too late.
Sunflowers – didn’t germinate.

Clearly we have an issue with rodents eating our gardens, despite our continual efforts to keep them out with increasingly elaborate fences (by the way, did I ever show this lovely gate that Ken built for my garden? It needs some paint and a sign over the top! Maybe next year), smelly deterrent, and good old fashioned trapping and killing. We just cannot keep ahead of the stupid things. This year was especially bad, because the coyote pack that used to live in the valley has moved elsewhere and now only visits occasionally. Please come back coyotes!
 photo IMG_7829_zpseh3lwr9p.jpg

Next year’s plans:
Build raised lettuce and bean beds that are fully enclosed on all six sides with 1/4″ hardware cloth, since the lettuce and beans seem to be susceptible to the rodents no matter how big they get. The tomatoes and squash seem to become less delicious once they get a bit bigger.
Grapes! What are your favorite kinds? I want some concords for juice, and some variety of seedless for munching.
More raspberries – I think we can grow raspberries, I think I just need to dig a bigger trench for them to grow in.
Harvest asparagus! It’ll be the first year we can harvest a few spears, I’m so excited!
Plant more garlic.
Buy large zucchini, squash, pepper, and tomato plants. Otherwise they just get eaten and it makes me so sad.
Get a ferocious, rodent hunting, garage cat. Problem is that I don’t want it eating the lizards or birds, just the rodents. Not sure I can find a selective cat. Also, the rats, squirrels, and rabbits are sort of big for a cat, maybe it would only get the mice.


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