Look at another thing that I fixed!

This rocking chair has been with me since a friend from church in Cleveland who cleaned out old people’s houses after they died or went to a nursing home or something gave it to me in 2008. Thanks old blog posts for exact dating! At the time, my mom kindly recovered the horrible scratchy yellow cushions with some nice soft black fabric that I got on sale and I duct taped the seat webbing so you didn’t fall through to the rocking mechanism any more and so it stayed until we moved to Albuquerque well over four years ago.
This is a picture of the chair shortly after I got it in my second apartment in Cleveland.
 photo 1930762_560211504763_3781_n_zpss7po11xo.jpg

When we moved into this house, Ken didn’t yet have a job in Albuquerque, we didn’t yet have a truck that needed constant work, we hadn’t yet found out that the south side of the house was falling apart, and we didn’t really have any money had we found that out anyway, so he was full of nervous energy and one day pulled the entire chair apart because there was one or two slightly loose joints in the rungs on the back. I was not impressed, since his characteristic method of approaching projects is to get completely immersed in them, buy everything for them, tear everything apart, then lose interest and leave big piles of stuff everywhere. He eventually may become re-interested in the project and finish it, but there’s no telling. It may sound like I’m complaining, but it’s really sort of endearing, and he does actually get a ton of stuff done and has major skills. And I like him and will keep him, thank you very much.

Sure enough, this project never again recaptured his interest, and the chair sat in pieces in the garage for four years, until this summer I declared that we needed the darned rocking chair fixed because there’s going to be a baby to be rocked, and I dug out all the pieces and finished it.

Hah, I just noticed that the rug everything’s laid out on in this picture to protect the garage floor is the same rug from the living room in Cleveland picture. It started to really disintegrate once it got to Albuquerque. Apparently cheap Walmart rugs that you get as a sophomore in college for your dorm suite common area don’t last forever. But they can be used as a drop cloth for longer than their useful indoor life!

 photo 20150830_144233_zpsq6xcxm81.jpg

The chair needed some sanding, then refinishing, then to be re-assembled. So I sanded, Waterloxed (five coats, why must it take SO long??), and had Ken assist me in gluing and clamping the frame back together.
 photo 20150905_212614_zpscfblkuog.jpg

I then got some supplies to re-web the seat and did me some re-webbing. I just used nylon webbing, we’ll see how well it holds up. I don’t think that’s what you’re technically supposed to use for such seats. I dug Mom’s recovered cushions out of the attic where I stashed them four years ago when I realized that the project would probably never be finished and that they might have a chance of not being eaten by mice in the attic instead of the garage, and the cats have been enjoying it ever since.

I did find some upholstery fabric that I really liked on sale that I may someday recover the pillows with in hopes that cat hair will stick to it less assiduously, but for now I’m happy to have a functioning (and prettier) rocking chair.
 photo 20151030_131837_zpssepwspm8.jpg


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