Look at what I fixed!

I thought I got a “before” picture of this, but it’s gone missing, so just imagine a pile of wood, painted white, with some random stickers stuck to it, crayon drawings on it, and covered in a good deal of pink insulation dust.

Imagined it? Good.

Somebody at work advertised a free crib, so we checked it out and managed to cram all of the pieces in the Civic and the M5. Grandpa had built the crib for the lady’s kids, seemingly now grown and out of the house for the while, and they weren’t sure how to put it together or if it had all the pieces any more. I figured for free we could figure out whether it was worth salvaging, and if not, maybe somebody else could use it for free.

 photo 20151030_124708_zpsgsq9ijfu.jpg

I did manage to figure out how it goes together, and it seemed pretty sturdy, although it was missing a couple of parts. Ken helped me build the new parts, I stripped and refinished the drawers, and sanded and pained the rest. I was just going to paint it white again, but I decided as long as I was painting, I may as well do it in a color I like and that might not show dirt so much. So it’s blue! We even had a couple of partially used hardware store gift cards to use up, so I only spent like $10 total refurbishing it.

We had no idea when we responded to the ad that it came with six drawers and a changing table space, so that is fantastic. It’s one less (or two, if you got a changing table and a separate dresser) piece of furniture we have to procure, and having it all in one saves space in our smallish house.

 photo 20151030_124645_zps5ph3umqp.jpg

Before anybody berates me that this crib isn’t up to the most recent codes and standards and is that a drop side that I see?! let me say that this thing is built like a tank. It is far more sturdy and less likely to trap any baby anywhere than brand new cribs I’ve seen in stores. I’m going to rely on my three engineering degrees and make a judgment call that it’s going to be fine. Besides, if you’ve ever seen the main living space in our house, you will soon realize that the ten foot drop from the upstairs onto the tile floor is a far greater hazard than any crib could ever present.


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