I designed some closets and stuff

I said that we hadn’t decorated a nursery, and that is absolutely true, but we did sort of build one. Or my cousin and his wife did while they were here, anyway.

See, one of the cool things about our house that it has very few rooms. Our “bedroom” has been separated from the rest of the house by a shelving unit and a curtain for the past couple of years.

Looking towards our “bedroom” before wall.
 photo IMG_7839_zpsmfkmlheg.jpg

The view from the top of the stairs before the wall.
 photo IMG_7840_zpsn7qceff7.jpg

Although countless generations of children in the past and probably millions of children around the world right now grow up just fine in one room (that is much smaller than our house) that they share with their parents, that is not how we do things here in the US. And both of us not only had rooms, we had our own rooms when we were growing up. So we decided to establish a bedroom with walls. We strongly suspect that there was originally a wall here, because of the way the flooring and HVAC is set up. But, we can’t do anything the easy way and just put up a wall and a door, so I designed a full size closet for the outside of the wall, a niche for a desk and storage on the other, and a linen closet on the end. That’s another thing that makes our house cool. Complete lack of any storage space upstairs.  Or not.

This is the view from our bedroom, showing the niche for a desk, currently serving as laundry basket location.
 photo IMG_81791_zpsxjij4bfo.jpg
The wall was built while I was on two business trips and our vacation on the Oregon coast, so it went from being completely empty to being completely finished, as far as I could tell. It made me sad to be closed off and not be able to see out of the windows on the other side of the house from bed. It is much more convenient though. Haven’t put away the clean laundry yet? Close the door and nobody sitting in the living room can see the mess.

View from the top of the stairs.  Auto focus isn’t working on my camera. Also ignore the mess on the floor on the left….  It’s only been like that for like three months.  Getting room for all this baby garbage has necessitated massive reorganization that’s taking a lot of time…   The vacuum is sitting in the future linen closet.  I’m thinking it might be a good vacuum closet too, since we don’t have one.

 photo IMG_81821_zps3dkczzhs.jpg

While the structure and the door are finished, thanks solely to my cousin and his wife, we have accomplished absolutely nothing on the project since they left. Too much other stuff to do.

We still need:
1. Shelves and a door on the linen closet.
2. A desktop and shelves/cabinet in the niche in the room.
3. A closet bar for hanging clothes and a closet door on the outside of the wall.
4. A light fixture/fan installed in the outside room.
5. A light fixture/fan installed in the inside room.
6. The light switch for the inside of the room moved into the room rather than in the hall.
7. To decide how we want to finish the door – paint like the rest of the doors, or poly? and do it.

Mom and Dad, any of these projects are fair game when you come, because I bet we won’t have finished any of them before then…

The view from the other side.  The space where the bookshelves are currently sitting will eventually have doors and be an actual closet. Or maybe it won’t.  There’s nothing wrong with having all your clothes hanging out in the open, and putting a door in that space is going to be a pain.  Maybe a curtain….

 photo IMG_81831_zpsonhkpjar.jpg

Our plan is to sleep in the room with the baby in the bassinette until we don’t need to be in the same room, then we’ll move our bedroom out to the outside half of the upstairs and set up the crib in the new room.  Whew.


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