I need more extravagent dreams

 photo IMG_8014_zpsipxpopfq.jpg

This is my car that I bought from my mother-in-law, the original owner, about 4.5 years ago. It has nearly 238k miles on it and still has the original clutch. The only things that broke on it while we had it were the clutch master cylinder and the alternator, neither of which stranded me anywhere. It has taken us and the dogs on many a camping trip, hauled bikes and a canoe, sometimes at the same time, performed admirably in the snow, and transported me in coolness and comfort during the hot summer.

However, about a year ago Ken made the declaration that he would not be changing the clutch when it gives up the ghost. I think he’s somewhat embarrassed that he has a fancy luxury car and his wife drives a nearly 20 year old underpowered lame car. Isn’t that sweet?

“I want to buy my wife nice things, but she’s too darn practical. She never wants anything!” I tell him that he should be thankful…

So, I have been living in denial that I will ever have to get a new car. Surely I can replace the clutch myself! Or not, the internet says it’s very difficult as far as car repairs go. I believe it, there is 0 room in that engine compartment. Even changing the oil is impossible without it spilling down your arm and getting everywhere when you change the filter.

On top of that, Lombard (the baby’s pseudonym) won’t really fit in the Civic with the dogs and camping gear. So… I consented and got a new (used) car.

Introducing my 2008 Subaru Outback 2.5 XT.
 photo 20151010_073623_zpslmq38d8g.jpg

The T stands for turbo, so now I can actually accelerate to the speed of traffic on the rare uphill on-ramps around here at 6000 feet elevation. Whee!

It’s an automatic, so it’s taken me a while to stop stomping on an invisible clutch, but other than that I like it.

 photo 20151010_073655_zpswi7k9xgu.jpg

I wasn’t enthralled at the thought of leather seats (I hate how hot and sticky they are in the summer), but the turbo versions weren’t made without them. And I wanted power more than I wanted fabric seats, so what can you do? It should be easier to clean when Lombard vomits everywhere too I guess.

Two days after we got it the check engine light came on for a cylinder misfire, but we had gotten it from a used car dealer and they had given us a 15 day warranty on it, so we brought it back. They replaced a bunch of stuff, including head gaskets, which are not supposed to be a problem on this model, but who knows. Somehow it was getting coolant in the cylinders. We were just glad it had the problem while still under warranty. Here’s hoping it’s all fixed now. We are not good at buying cars with working engines…

Someday I’ll post about the great truck engine replacement project, but I’m sort of hoping to have it be finished before I post about it to lessen the angst that would come from writing the post right now… Let’s focus on how I have the car I’ve been dreaming about since they first came out with the Outbacks in… 1994? So I’ve wanted this car since I was 9. Poor Ken, even my dream car is practical. I think at least now he doesn’t have to be embarrassed when I drive up!


1 Response to “I need more extravagent dreams”

  1. 1 Dad October 12, 2015 at 11:48 pm

    And I’ve been saving Bessie for you for all these years!

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