New most embarrassing moment

One of the reasons I wasn’t too keen on making an early pregnancy announcement is that I find bloggers that spend 9 months detailing every pregnancy sensation and thought rather… boring. I mean, it’s their life, and I understand that’s what’s new and exciting in their life, but it’s not why I started reading in the first place.  Also, I like pictures.  So here’s some un-related pictures from this summer.

 photo IMG_7991_zpsdjoytzmu.jpg

Now, I don’t particularly consider myself a blogger, this space is mostly to make sure that I actually write something occasionally because I suck at it and practice should help, and to update my scattered family with what’s going on with us. However, I still don’t want to commit the pregnancy boredom crime. So here’s seven months of pregnancy experiences summed up, mostly for when we decide to have another and I can’t remember what happened.  Feel free to not read.

 photo IMG_7873_zpsbxt97wzh.jpg

  • Guessed at week 4 when certain expected functions did not occur.
  • Tested once at about week 5.5, informed husband.
  • Started feeling sick in the evenings (convenient for work, not convenient for my poor husband who likes dinner and company) and exhausted at week 7.  Got nothing done outside of work and ate a lot of cold cereal.
  • Projectile vomited everywhere in the hall of the cruise ship at – week 14 maybe? This is the low point.  Maybe the low point of life.  New most embarrassing moment!  Yay!
  • Felt fine again and baby kicks at week 17.
  • Climbed Wheeler peak at 20 weeks with no problems.
  • Started to look pregnant when wearing the right clothes at about 25 weeks.
  • Think I can still pass for having eaten too much ice cream at 32 weeks (now) if I wear a large T-shirt.

 photo IMG_7747_zpsqf7jqukr.jpg

Answers to your burning questions:

  • No, I haven’t found out the sex.
  • Yes, we have a few name options.  They are not creative.
  • Yes, this is the 1st grandchild on both sides.
  • Yes, I’m doing fine apart from a bit of heartburn on occasion.
  • Yes, I plan to attempt breastfeeding.  I’ve found these appendages annoying and in the way since the day they showed up, if they don’t work for their intended purpose I’m going to be upset.
  • Yes, I intend to take 4 months off work if I can arrange it.
  • No, I’m planning to give birth at a birth center, not a hospital.
  • Yes, that means epidurals are not available.
  • Yes, this is an intimidating prospect.  Good news is that laughing gas IS available.
  • No, we do not have a nursery prepared/decorated.  Babies don’t care about paint and pictures and decorations and neither do I.

That should about sum it up.


1 Response to “New most embarrassing moment”

  1. 1 bmoozick September 30, 2015 at 10:21 pm

    That’s my sister! I’m so glad this thing hasn’t turned you into some emotional freak.

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