Eclipse pictures

We had a lovely evening out on our porch last night watching the eclipse and snuggling with the dogs. The moon was already starting to eclipse when it came up from behind the ridge.
 photo IMG_8084_zpsxfezsrup.jpg

I could really use a remote for the camera if I were going to do more of this low-light stuff. It was really tricky to press the button without jiggling the camera too much on the tripod.

 photo IMG_8116_zpsnge3o2jd.jpg

The red moon was pretty awesome looking. We have a great place to watch this because the sky to the east of us is pretty dark.

 photo IMG_8123_zpsfpyjc8tb.jpg

Also, we’re on the side of the ridge where you can actually see the moonrise. We’re out of luck for the gorgeous sunsets around here, but sunrises are great.
 photo IMG_8140_zps5muvokuf.jpg

I wish I’d had a camera with me this morning on the way to work too, the moon was hanging over the city and it looked really cool and gigantic. I’ll just have to remember, I guess.


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