Porch improvements

In August another one of my cousins and his brand new wife drove to New Mexico to deliver a vehicle, spend some time hanging out, and make some money. We put them to work on a bunch of projects around our house. It was fantastic to come home after a day at work to find a project completed that would have consumed a whole Saturday for us. They were around for about two weeks and got a lot done! I don’t have a great before image of this project. The wood edge of our front porch, which holds the dirt under the pavers, was disintegrating from years of the roof dripping onto it.  This section was one of the better condition parts.  Some of it was totally cracked and falling apart.
 photo IMG_7827_zpsyhgzg7do.jpg

My cousin and his wife tore the whole thing out and replaced the wood with new pressure-treated wood.  They also expanded the step that’s at the end of the porch so we could put the rain barrel up on it.   It was a huge improvement, and we expect it to last a long time since now we have gutters to keep the roof from dripping on it.   We should have had them paint it as well, but we didn’t think of it.  So, this weekend I painted it.  I dug the boards out, cleaned them with TSP, primed, painted, sifted all the dirt I dug out to separate the gravel, and re-buried the boards.

 photo IMG_80681_zpsjgbs2u2s.jpg

All done!

 photo IMG_80701_zpswctqpikv.jpg

The porch is actually starting to look nice!  Those marigolds that I bought for a dollar half dead at the hardware store were really worth it!  Now all the porch needs is a porch swing… Maybe next year.

 photo IMG_80721_zps26hislwe.jpg


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