Oregon trip

If you’ve been keeping track, so far this year we’ve been to California, Washington, and Alaska.  Well, and Nevada, but that doesn’t particularly fit the trend I’m trying to establish here.  Clearly we were missing Oregon (and Hawaii, but I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future.)  So, we went to Oregon.

I had a conference in Portland, so Mom came down to hang out with me in the evenings and on the weekend.  She came in her little red convertible and we had a lot of fun zipping around Portland in it.
 photo IMG_7852_zpsgek6rccb.jpg

We managed to eat some fantastic food (waffles, Lebanese, and seafood were the real standouts) and see some pretty cool things around Portland. This was in the Chinese Garden.
 photo IMG_7863_zpsgelep91i.jpg

 photo IMG_7869_zps8y1sxcns.jpg

One evening we did the TTTT trail, in which you take the train to the zoo, hike four miles or so to the top of a tram, take the tram back to town, then get on a trolley to take you back to wherever you started. It was quite entertaining, although we got a bit lost in the woods on the trail section. This is the view from the high point of the hike.
 photo IMG_7884_zpsfouf2van.jpg

Here’s the tram.
 photo IMG_7893_zpsd9pfhv0p.jpg

We also had numerous other adventures swimming in the Columbia, where I saw a gigantic fish jump several times and Mom didn’t, and doing things with my cousin’s family who were also visiting from NM for the same conference. Then the real party began. Ken arrived from NM, Dad and my sister Sara arrived from eastern WA, and my sister Lauren drove down from Tacoma and we camped at Whalen Island County Park for several days. We got shellfish licenses, and basically spent most of our time either pursuing shellfish or eating them. Most glorious. The weather was great, it only rained one afternoon. Here’s Ken and Sara crabbing out of the canoe.
 photo IMG_7901_zpslgheazll.jpg

Look, a cute little Red Rock crab. After eating a few of these buggers, we decided they really weren’t worth the effort.
 photo IMG_7903_zpshpidssx0.jpg

A recording of this crab’s last moments before the boiling water.
 photo IMG_7904_zpsnmuiuxen.jpg

This is what’s left after we demolished several (5, I think?) crabs.
 photo IMG_7907_zpscmsia6vt.jpg

What could be better than family and dogs on the beach in the sun? Well, it could have been less windy so we might have wanted to swim, but at least it made for good kite flying weather.
 photo IMG_7914_zpssfz8v3ld.jpg

 photo IMG_7928_zpsvzzzpvru.jpg

Ken decided we needed to paddle out to the mouth of the bay against the incoming tide. I thought he wanted to go crabbing at the best spot, but no, he just wanted to canoe in the waves and try to tip us over. We didn’t tip over, but I may have had a bad attitude about the whole thing. That’s not us in the canoe, it’s Ken and Sara who decided to paddle back to camp rather than drive around later after dinner. Against the outgoing tide. Not sure why we’re always paddling against the tide. We should time these things better.
 photo IMG_7936_zpswaa866jo.jpg

Here’s the next day at Cape Disappointment.  Grouchy Ken does not jump  for joy.
 photo IMG_7941_zpsek07kkcp.jpg

Hmm, which mussels do we harvest for dinner?
 photo IMG_7944_zpson7lzaea.jpg

 photo IMG_7946_zpsps43yeuh.jpg

I think that wave was a bit deeper than they were anticipating.
 photo IMG_7947_zps4xpchxz6.jpg

My husband has been attempting (and occasionally succeeding) to throw my sister in various bodies of water for somewhere on the order of 12 years. Poor girl.
 photo IMG_7948_zpsvufesyys.jpg

So we picked some BIG mussels. That’s my hand, and I don’t have petite hands. I decided I don’t like the big ones. Too much mussel for me. The smaller ones though, were my favorite shellfish we collected. Somewhere in there we also hung out with my cousin’s family and went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and ate ice cream, but I don’t know what happened to my pictures of those events. Maybe I didn’t take any.
 photo IMG_7959_zpswsdyadba.jpg

Mmmm. More crabs for dinner. Those are properly sized Dungeness crabs. Delicious.
 photo IMG_7962_zpsnryqpc35.jpg

There are probably pictures of the three of us doing this at the beach from like 22 years ago, but someone with access to the albums at my parents house would have to dig them out and scan them in. I used to be better at handstands… Lauren and Sara definitely won the contests this time.
 photo IMG_7969_zpsummxe3p4.jpg

Hahahaha. That’s a big stump with a bunch of goofballs on it. I like how the dogs are like, “yeah, we have to live with these people, can you even believe it?!”
 photo IMG_7973_zpsvfhv9i7a.jpg

“Hey Ken, look at me!” He’s so much more dignified than that last group of people.
 photo IMG_7979_zpsyfukuhxh.jpg

Oh, just kidding. He’s not dignified. Also, Ken’s brother came out to visit us for this day and caught a nice crab, although it was missing both claws.
 photo IMG_7982_zpshjhz26lb.jpg

This is a gigantic sand dune. Climbing it gives your legs a serious workout.
 photo IMG_7984_zpsxfil3vdb.jpg

Preparing the crab and the sand shrimp that we dug. I can’t believe I didn’t get any pictures of digging for sand shrimp. That was definitely the most fun shellfish to harvest, we were up to our ankles (except Ken, who sunk in up to his knees) in tidal muck going after them. So much fun!
 photo IMG_7990_zpsnkcmdbfj.jpg

And then we had to go home to the desert where there’s no shellfish, but not before I found a pretty Oregonian beetle.
 photo IMG_7996_zpsl67eic1l.jpg


2 Responses to “Oregon trip”

  1. 1 bmoozick September 20, 2015 at 4:30 am

    I’m sad I missed out! Although I may have starved with all the shelled things you were eating…

  2. 2 coldwork September 20, 2015 at 8:20 pm

    We missed you too! Sara wasn’t convinced by the shellfish either, but I think she ended up liking some of it.

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