Wheeler peak summit trip, July 4th weekend

Wheeler peak is the highest mountain in NM at 13,159 ft, and when we got tantalizingly close last summer on a hike we decided that we needed to return and get to the top. So we did. Here’s the crew before embarking on the trail (>6 miles and approximately 3000 ft elevation gain) up to Horseshoe Lake.  That’s my good natured cousin who moved to town a few months ago.
 photo IMG_7750_zpshqsayhe9.jpg

 photo 20150703_092807_zpsjgrr7slt.jpg

 photo 20150703_102206_zpsxp4cpppf.jpg

 photo IMG_7763_zpsjheyyf6u.jpg

 photo 20150703_115723_zpsxwnfkwcv.jpg

We made it to a camp site just below the lake!
 photo 20150703_142847_zpszuta2rse.jpg

Looking up the mountain towards the lake from our campsite. My cousin and I and the dogs navigate one of the snow fields.
 photo 20150703_145427_zpspwm4j4ie.jpg

The lake! It does exist after all.
 photo 20150703_150103_zpswh67drxe.jpg

It’s not easy living up here right at tree line. I wonder how old this bristlecone pine is?
 photo 20150703_152256_zpsmrwgacil.jpg

The next morning we got up, had a leisurely breakfast, packed our lunch in the dog packs, and headed up to the peak.
 photo IMG_7789_zpspezeithy.jpg

There were a whole herd of these mountain sheep, up close and personal. We kept the dogs on leashes to keep them from harassing the sheep, but I’m pretty sure this guy could have taken the dogs.
 photo IMG_7799_zpstpak2gcx.jpg

I love alpine views.
 photo 20150704_104831_zpszvtlx85d.jpg

We made it to the top, very slowly. The oxygen level at 13,000 feet really slows you down. We ate lunch up top, since the clouds weren’t yet threatening.  photo IMG_7808_zpsfaeduccn.jpg

 photo IMG_7813_zpsajmj2i2i.jpg

 photo 20150704_121058_zpshoybezgi.jpg

 photo 20150704_121109_zpsgkrtcag0.jpg

 photo 20150704_121112_zps3elxz2uh.jpg

 photo 20150704_121122_zps5498qfek.jpg

You can’t actually see the lake from the summit, once we got a bit of the way down we could see it. We spent some time fishing after we got back down, but none of us had any luck.
 photo 20150704_124938_zpsjseruuij.jpg

The next day we packed up and hiked back out, which was for some reason more exhausting than hiking up. It was the first time I’ve ever seen Heidi tired out. Ken actually took her pack off and carried it for her the last half mile or so.
 photo IMG_7825_zpsa26hvibu.jpg

This particular hike has to be one of the prettier ones we’ve done in NM, I’d recommend it. Most people hike Wheeler from the Taos side, as evidenced by the huge stream of people we saw at the summit, but the back side, accessed from the road out of Red River is really nice (and evidently much less crowded).
 photo 20150705_092512_zpsxap2ierw.jpg


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