It may seem like all we ever do is go on vacation. If only.

It’s a good thing when your life is so full of fun and interesting stuff that you don’t have enough time to write about it before the next fun thing happens. I can think of at least seven posts I would like to write before I’m caught up to present day. But for now, we go back to late May, and our big vacation for the year: Alaska!

 photo IMG_7249 - Copy_zps63ljvm6b.jpg

We actually started with a day in Seattle with Ken’s parents at the zoo and the Pacific Science Center. Because Ken had the camera most of the time, we have pictures of animals, not people.

 photo IMG_6970_zpsxbuxxltd.jpg

 photo IMG_7044_zps8ddkqfwt.jpg

 photo IMG_7073_zpsajxtc8rp.jpg

 photo IMG_7084_zpsuaa8vn97.jpg

 photo IMG_7124_zps3401wbdf.jpg

The next morning we did some exploration of Pike’s Place Market and the Seattle waterfront, where I met a pig that I liked.
 photo 20150524_113535_zpsgk2beh0g.jpg

Then we boarded a cruise ship and headed for Alaska! Cruising wasn’t my first option for going to Alaska, but given the time we had available it was what worked out. Next time we’ll have to do more of our own thing.
 photo IMG_7143_zpsynhy82jb.jpg

 photo IMG_7166_zpsyjdowppy.jpg

We saw quite a few whales on the way out of the sound. It was fun.
 photo IMG_7209 - Copy_zps0mlepsr2.jpg

After a day on the ship heading north, we arrived in Juneau. We took a rickety trolley up to the Mendenhall glacier. Pretty sure the trolley wasn’t meant to go more than about 40, and we were on the highway at like 65. But, worth it! The glacier, lake, and waterfall were very pretty.
 photo IMG_7253 - Copy_zpstbry3k8b.jpg

I went wading in the lake. It was chilly.
 photo IMG_7260 - Copy_zpsghxhasmb.jpg

Ken didn’t wade, but he did sample the icebergs.
 photo IMG_7273_zpshhxxiemr.jpg

 photo IMG_7276_zpslqf3x64a.jpg

The next day we docked in Skagway. This is a snowblowing thingy to clear the train tracks. Very cool.
 photo IMG_7285_zpshu1imahv.jpg

They grow massive rhubarb in Alaska.
 photo IMG_7289_zpsouwqmvzs.jpg

We spent the day walking around town and hiking, looking at all the historical stuff about the gold rush.
 photo IMG_7309_zpsvcrqil3p.jpg

This stream above town was extremely chilly.
 photo IMG_7320_zpswnabjdl0.jpg

Look, it’s our cruise ship.
 photo IMG_7323_zpsz1c5qnyw.jpg

We didn’t ride the train, but we saw it several times.
 photo IMG_7329_zpsqhahlocv.jpg

It was extremely beautiful, and great weather.
 photo IMG_7335_zpszvgaancw.jpg

Some of my pictures from the rest of the trip seem to be missing from the hosting site and this is probably long enough, so I’ll wrap up with the rest of the trip another time. The second part of the trip definitely contained the highlights, so you have that to look forward to.


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