The great irrigation project

The appropriate way to come back from a three month hiatus is to write about irrigation. Fascinating topic sure to remind my multitudes of readers how much they enjoy this blog. We worked off and on all spring to install an irrigation system so that our precious vegetables can be more efficiently watered so that the local rodents can feast on them before we get a single thing.

The first step was buying a 1000 gallon rain barrel to catch the rainwater off of the roof. Next Ken built a base for it and we wrestled it into place.

 photo 20150314_122536_zpsm58si6t6.jpg

 photo 20150314_162910_zpscjws8qsl.jpg

 photo 20150314_122612_zpsmpd7u3e5.jpg

 photo 20150411_162507_zpsrxrgf4v4.jpg

 photo 20150412_160544_zpsphdkkidw.jpg

The next step was getting gutters installed. I put my foot down and insisted that we farm this out to professionals, since we don’t own the correct ladders for such work and I wasn’t at all impressed by Ken’s described plan of dangling off of the roof to affix them while upside-down. Besides, the gutters are seamless and look fantastic.

 photo 20150416_071800_zps94hdwk0u.jpg

Oh, we also got the house painted in there somewhere before the gutters.

The final step was designing and installing the drip system itself. We already had a 4 zone controller, so we bought some valves and plumbing (that sounds so easy, there is no area of Home Depot more frustrating than their plumbing department), and assembled the whole thing.

 photo 20150505_194935_zpsk08ennvh.jpg

We then turned it on, and…. nothing. Not enough pressure to work the solenoid valves, so off to Amazon to buy a cute little pump and accumulator.

 photo 20150429_192304_zpse6ywr1o0.jpg

Once the pump and accumulator arrived, we hooked them up, ran a few bugs out of the system (including the bug where some idiot installed a pressure regulator backwards. That would be me…) and it’s up and running! It hasn’t kept the evil rodents from devouring everything we’re trying to water, but the irrigation system is awesome anyway.

 photo 20150505_194124_zpszcdz9zrv.jpg


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