Sometimes, having a super-handy husband can be a bit of a crutch. There’s a water leak in the garage? Guess I’ll have to wait for Ken to fix that. We need to build a base for our new 1000 gallon rain barrel? I suppose Ken has some plan for that. The washer is making a puddle every time it runs? Ken will have to take care of that. The truck is still not running? Guess Ken will have to work on that.

Some of those things Ken truly does need to do. I can’t move the rain barrel; in fact the two of us together almost couldn’t move it last weekend because my back was killing me and I was nearly worthless. I’m also not that excited about diagnosing mystery truck problems, although I do begrudgingly help with the truck when my smaller hands are an advantage.

I was getting pretty frustrated with the lack of water for the lettuce I wanted to plant outside and with the ever-present laundry room puddle. My frustration was totally ridiculous however, because plumbing issues I can totally take care of. It took me two trips to the hardware store and two evenings of work (which is twice as long as it would have taken Ken), but I patched the leak in the garage, the leak in the fitting that I caused while fixing the leak in the garage, and fixed the chronic washer leak.

Now I have lettuce and peas safely planted and watered, and a much drier laundry room. And I did it all by myself for about $7 in parts. Very satisfying.


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