Does this look ok?

We’re getting the last eight windows in the house replaced, getting the exterior of the house painted, and getting gutters installed this spring. We decided to hire people to do all these things because we already have more projects in progress than we have time to do (replacement of the truck engine, drip irrigation system installation, orchard planting, figuring out how to keep pests out of the orchard, figuring out how to keep pests out of the garden, building a gun stock, fixing a quilt, refurbishing a motorized scooter, keeping mice out of the garage…). Do you notice a theme? We may have a wildlife problem.

Anyway, this means that we have to decide what color to paint the house. Here’s what we’re thinking: Lighter gray paint than it is now, with blue trim and brown posts for the porch and maybe a brown door. Here’s my lame GIMP attempt at visualizing the colors.
 photo Housefrontedit_zpsd9fa6f7f.jpg

Our problem is that neither of us really like light-colored houses, but light colored paint lasts a heck of a lot longer in our intense sun at 6000 ft than dark colored paint. Here’s what it is now, for reference.

What do you think?


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