Of rodents and cheese

There are these mountain rats that are really cute (and Heidi thinks they’re tasty) but they really can’t live in our garage and collect all of our shiny items in their nests. Between the actual pack rats and my husband’s pack-ratish ways, there was a giant mess in the garage. I should have taken a before picture, but it was just so terrible… The car barely fit and there was rat and mouse poop everywhere. This is the product of nearly 2 straight days of cleaning over the weekend. By me.
 photo 20150221_164059_zpschaoob7q.jpg

I plugged a bunch of holes, both from the garage to the house, and from the garage to outside, with either metal sheet or steel wool. Hopefully that keeps them from getting out. Happily we have vigilant and capable cats, so the mice and rats don’t live long if they come in the house. So far I’ve killed 4 mice and a rat in the garage, but the mice laugh at our attempts to get rid of them. That is a mouse nest in a box of mouse killer.
 photo 20150221_130003_zpspllw0zze.jpg

In more pleasant news, I also made a soft cheese (lactic cheese) over the weekend, and it turned out quite tasty. It’s sort of the consistency of soft cream cheese, but tangier, and it made for delicious filling for crepes for Sunday breakfast along with some blueberries. I’ve also mixed it with some Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute spice mix, which is very tasty on toast or crackers.
 photo 20150222_085426_zps80bc8sdh.jpg


1 Response to “Of rodents and cheese”

  1. 1 Nancy March 1, 2015 at 3:01 pm

    Sadly, the mice and rats will always be a part of your life now. Especially living so near a large expanse. :/ Rodent poison and cats are not a good mix, btw. The only thing I have found for the critters (besides a few diligent cats) is sticky boards hidden away from the more desirable pets.

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