Visitors from the west

Last weekend, my sister in law and brother in law came to visit whilst on their way to the East Coast for a new job. Yes, last weekend, not last month, not last year. I am so caught up on blogging my life. This is because it’s currently 30 degrees and 30 mph winds outside with no snow, so what else am I going to do?

Car trouble delayed them by about 16 hours, but happily they got their car fixed and did eventually make it here on Valentine’s day. We ate a traditional Valentine’s dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing gravy, cranberry sauce, and yams. Maybe that’s not traditional, but we did have a frozen turkey that needed to be eaten before it got too hot to turn on the oven and we thought their visit would be a good occasion. We are still eating turkey today, and it is still tasty.

We spent our time playing games and taking them shooting. Hence the shooting pictures.

Look, sun flare! How artistic.
 photo IMG_6881_zps6ee49ae0.jpg

Receiving instruction in the shooting of clay pigeons. The gun is a bit big for her…
 photo IMG_6874_zpsba656854.jpg

Ken said something shocking during his instruction, apparently.
 photo IMG_6877_zpsf176cf19.jpg

 photo IMG_6892_zpsfde520d2.jpg

They headed eastward on Monday morning, and have since made it to their destination and found a place to live. I believe my sister in law starts her new job tomorrow. We pray all goes well for them in the foreign land of the East Coast.


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