Christmas vacation part 2: in which we play inside, mostly games.

These four extremely blurry people are my four sisters. We were the oldest people playing at this indoor jump park by like… a lot. But we had a lot of fun!
 photo IMG_6669-Copy_zpsaef96f37.jpg

It was extremely obvious which ones of us had been 1. good at gymnastics and 2. on the dive team in high school. NOT ME. These two, actually.

 photo IMG_6692-Copy_zpse65dc2ea.jpg

 photo IMG_6696_zps6449fd20.jpg

Some pictures from the inside of the cabin.
 photo 20141227_143601_zps0a5cw9ed.jpg

 photo 20141228_183943_zpsgqc0kzyy.jpg

Charming happy fellow in the back row there.
 photo 20141229_150624_zpsdeyth3i6.jpg

Some people have no respect for a man’s mustache.
 photo 20141230_215032_zpsg2hlpg4o.jpg

Here are Ken’s siblings, we did see them too, although they weren’t all in town for all that long and most of our activities were more of the inside variety, during which I am less inclined to take pictures.
 photo IMG_6751_zpsf2dab8c4.jpg

 photo IMG_6757_zpsae0b739f.jpg

My grandpa and step-grandma visited for the end of the week. I don’t know when the last time I saw them was.
 photo 20150101_171648_zps0d3pdtdr.jpg

My brother-in-law organized a bonfire at my parents’ house and invited a bunch of friends from way back when. And then we went home to regular life, which is much less exciting than being on vacation.
 photo IMG_6770_zps0d2fef95.jpg


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