Thanksgiving trip to Texas, which evidently mostly includes Galveston if you believe the pictures

We drove to Lubbock after work the Tuesday of Thanksgiving (5 hours). We drove slightly east of Austin the day before Thanksgiving (6 hours). Texas is thrilling to drive through. I spent about an hour trying to get a picture of a cotton field, an oil well, and a windmill all in one picture. Clearly I failed, but that was one of the most entertaining hours out of the 11.

 photo 20141126_104339_zpscz4igoxg.jpg

We drove to Houston on Thanksgiving with Ken’s dad and aunt (2 hours). Ken’s Houston aunt has a shiba inu. Much cute. I want one.
 photo 20141128_203456_zpsgb64fa2c.jpg

We drove to Galveston and spent the day there on the day after Thanksgiving (1 hour).

And in Galveston, we saw: a tall ship!
 photo IMG_6417_zps45b200a5.jpg

 photo IMG_6423_zps0b023dce.jpg

 photo IMG_6424_zps59d35e51.jpg

And dolphins.
 photo IMG_6455_zps7c444a08.jpg

We ate seafood. Unrelated to the birds, except that we ate outdoors and little birds were trying to eat all the food.
 photo IMG_6431_zps889ced8b.jpg

 photo IMG_6453_zps72a6a368.jpg

We watched a giant drilling rig thing dock.
 photo IMG_6425_zps60035cfe.jpg

We stuck our toes in the ocean. He’s tickling me.
 photo IMG_6471_zps042488ca.jpg

 photo IMG_6486_zpsff54f973.jpg

We drove back to Houston (1 hour).

The next day we drove back to the location east of Austin (2 hours), then into Austin for dinner (2 hours round trip). Somewhere in there Ken worked on his aunt’s faucet, but couldn’t fix it. There was a need for parts that weren’t available.
 photo IMG_6496_zpsd73602fd.jpg

The next day we drove all the way home (11 hours). Here’s the windmills. In this area the ranches advertise wind, beef, and something else I can’t remember. Natural gas, maybe?

 photo 20141130_104751_zpsee8zhosz.jpg

Total that’s 30 hours of driving. The good thing is that we only spent a total of like 2 hours fixing the vehicle we were driving, and we weren’t even on the side of the road, we were in relatives’ driveways.

 photo IMG_6489_zps415d4b80.jpg

Moral of the story: Don’t promise to visit relatives in Texas, expecting that you will fix your broken truck and be able to tow stuff back, then not fix your truck and decide maybe you should fly, then check ticket prices and realize that three weeks before Thanksgiving is not a good time to buy tickets, and decide that driving sounds better after all unless you want to get burned out on road trips for several months. The effects still haven’t worn off. Still, got to meet one more of Ken’s cousins and see almost all of his dad’s side of the family.


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