Fall camping

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We took a camping trip in the Manzanos in October. It was quite lovely, the trees were turning color and it was cool but not freezing cold.
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Ken, the dogs, and I hiked to the top of the ridge. Because that is what we do! It was pretty windy.
 photo IMG_6252_zpsb383db40.jpg

My cousin once-removed is the kid who gets to ride his bike at the campground who I was always SO jealous of when I was growing up. Having five kids doesn’t lend itself to bringing bikes camping, I guess. And then his dad carries the bike uphill! That kid might be a bit spoiled…
 photo IMG_6234_zps08129714.jpg

There was plenty of chatting and story telling accomplished. Here’s a story generated on the trip: Amongst us we had three sort of largish dogs, and we had them off their chains so that they could play together, which they were doing nicely, until a guy walked by to go to the bathroom and they all decided they needed to eat him (instigated by Heidi, of course.) People had been walking by fairly regularly and they’d been ignoring them, I’m not sure what it was about this guy. Poor guy. We managed to haul the dogs away, and they didn’t bite him or anything, but they sure sounded angry. We are bad dog owners.
 photo IMG_6233_zpsf3e2cc52.jpg

This may be the quintessential picture of my uncle: sitting next to a campfire telling stories that are probably based in truth.
 photo IMG_6262_zpsc40f6dab.jpg

My cousin and his son playing the ukelele and singing together for us was pretty precious.
 photo IMG_6257_zpsdad4eb56.jpg

Man, writing this post has made me want to go camping. My aunt and uncle are coming into town again in a couple of weeks, think I can talk everybody into winter camping?? Probably not…


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