My cousin came to visit. And we went to my cousin’s house.

My extended family is spread far and wide across the US (and Singapore and France and India and Israel and Canada, I guess). They’re a very friendly bunch though, so even though my mom’s and my dad’s side of my family don’t live in the same place, they are all friends. So when my cousin from my dad’s side was in town for two nights, we called up my cousins on my Mom’s side who live in town and invited ourselves over over for dinner. Because that’s how we roll. Luckily they’re generally ok with us inviting ourselves over at a moment’s notice.

 photo 20140918_185839_zps3xowr9uy.jpg

(Not sure why the three-year old is giving the death-stare to the salsa)

We moved to Albuquerque first. Then my cousins’ family moved here about a year later. Now this other cousin just heard that he’s going to be stationed in Albuquerque starting in the spring sometime, so this particular group is probably going to be getting together more often. Guess we started a trend!


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