Prickly Pear Fruit Sorbet

We have multitudes of prickly pears on our property. Actually, we have a lot less than we did, I pulled out two dumpsters full of cacti in late September. However, there are still enough remaining to make as much prickly pear fruit sorbet as a body could desire.

You have to pick the fruit with a tongs, because they’ve got the tiny little spines that are impossible to see or pull out, but will remain painful for days and days. Here’s my modest harvest.
 photo IMG_6222_zps9a21a6ae.jpg

After you pick them, you hold them with tongs and scrub them off under water with a stiff scrub brush. This removes the evil spines. You then puree the fruits in a blender and strain out all of the seeds. As a gross side note, something, maybe raccoons, like to eat the fruit, because during late summer there are turds around that are completely composed of cactus seeds. I can’t imagine how they manage to eat the fruit, maybe they have their own version of an under-water scrub brush?

Once you have the juice, you mix it with sugar and lime juice, then freeze it in an ice cream freezer. It is a very pretty color and has a nice flavor. There was something weird about ours, it didn’t freeze the whole way. There was some substance in there that had a lower freezing point than our freezer.

I didn’t get a picture of the finished stuff, but it just looks like a dark pink sorbet.
 photo IMG_6226_zps62ecf8ba.jpg

It was pretty good, I think I’ll make it again next year.


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