I’m back! We had a visitor.

It always seems weird to post something here after two months of silence without any explanation. But really, there is not much of an explanation to be given. Fall is a lovely time to be outside where blogs aren’t, and I’ve been traveling and busy doing other things.

Anyway, to pick up where I left off, Ken’s brother Mark came to visit over Labor Day. As we are wont to do when we have guests, we took him hiking.
 photo IMG_6141-Copy-Copy_zpsf666f9f9.jpg

And shooting. We were all hitting the clays like we knew what we were doing. It was amazing.
 photo IMG_6147-Copy-Copy_zps088d60ec.jpg

Sniper Mark.
 photo IMG_6185-Copy-Copy_zpscde1d31e.jpg

We had a bit of a competition with the rifle set up with the fancy scope, each shooting three shots. Can we take a moment to observe the lower left target? That’s mine. Take that, gentlemen!
 photo IMG_6200_zpsdef48d13.jpg

We also put Mark to work while he was here. He helped us move the Porsche down next to the shop, freeing up a very convenient parking space up by the house for me!
 photo IMG_6213_zps9e47585f.jpg

Ken lowered/pushed with the truck, Mark steered, and I supervised. Nice work, team.
 photo IMG_6221_zpscdb651fe.jpg

This was the first time Mark had visited us in NM. Hopefully he doesn’t wait another three years before he returns.


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