Dining room table

Look, my table is empty! This is SO rare. It’s so embarrassing. There’s only 2 of us, why can’t we keep our table cleaned off?!

tablecloth photo 20140824_164615_zps1l5gpexf.jpg

Other than the amazing fact that you can actually see the table, I’d like to point out several things that make me happy. There are a TON of wildflowers blooming right now because it’s been raining quite a bit recently, so I decided to cut some and see if they’d last in a vase. They did quite nicely until Cosmo ate them…

Second, note the trivets, which we use pretty much every day. The brass one is from Keeler Brass, where my Grandpa worked for umpteen years, and the green one is a gift from my friend.

Third, look at that awesome tablecloth! My sister Sara sent me a piece of awesome printed fabric from Uganda, and it’s the perfect size for my table! The plastic over top keeps the food (and more importantly the solder, diesel oil, paint, cat vomit and etc) off of my pretty fabric.

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